Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (9)

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NessBots – Fighting Robots Code Game

IBM wants to see your Watson mobile apps | Cloud computing – InfoWorld

Why am and eurisko appear to work

Douglas Lenat

artificial intelligence – How To Design Eurisko – Stack Overflow

Eurisko, The Computer With A Mind Of Its Own | Alicia Patterson Foundation

EURISKO – Lesswrongwiki


Let’s reimplement EURISKO! – Less Wrong

Eurisko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MIT builds intelligent programs for robots that could help with the smart home — Tech News and Analysis

How Google’s Robots Can Learn Like Humans | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Why Google Is Investing In Deep Learning ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code community

Top 9 Commercial Uses for IBM Watson: Beyond ‘Jeopardy!’ – ABC News

YOW! 2013 | Computing Like the Brain: The Path to Machine Intelligence

PC AI – Forth Programming Language

Disguise detection using open source

Jon’s Place: Roz & RobotsConf

aforge – AForge.NET Framework – Google Project Hosting


Machine Learning

All Models of Learning have Flaws « Machine Learning (Theory)

SimpleAI (Artificial Intelligence Python lib)

The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think – James Somers – The Atlantic

Yahoo Acquires Startup LookFlow To Work On Flickr And ‘Deep Learning’ | TechCrunch

Google’s Quantum AI Lab adds quantum physics to Minecraft | The Verge

IBM Watson Cancer – Business Insider

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