Computer History: Links and Resources (1)

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The Unix revolution – thank you, Uncle Sam?

Who Killed Prolog? « A Programmers Place

Unix: when did that happen

Structural insight: Primacy of syntax

A history of computers, 1938 to 2010 [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

How the atom bomb helped give birth to the Internet

Grace Hopper: Programming Pioneer

William Shatner explains what microprocessors are and do… from way back in 1976 — Engadget

Ted Codd, Chris Date

W. Daniel Hillis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1982 New York Times story predicts the future of technology, Facebook | Poynter.

InfoQ: QCon Keynote: Forty Years of Fun with Computers
Dan Ingalls presents his journey through the world of software developing a number of core technologies over the last forty years

Old Software, Old Hardware in Computing History … | Schrievkrom

Lisp machine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The History of Email Infographic | Mashable – Neville’s posterous

RedUSERS | Pasen y vean: el museo de computadoras más grande de Sudamérica

History’s Worst Software Bugs

Computer History Museum – The Silicon Engine | Timeline

Donald Knuth never told Steve Jobs that he was full of shit – good coders code, great reuse

Full circle at Microsoft: from the early days of .NET to the new Chakra JavaScript engine « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting

My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Video: Steve Jobs Discusses Remote Computing in 1997

Edsger Dijkstra – How do we tell truths that might hurt?

Coding Horror: The Long, Dismal History of Software Project Failure

By Ken Levine: Okay…this is AMAZING
This is amazing. It’s a prediction of what a home computer would be like and some of the features it would provide. And the cool thing is — it was made in 1966.

InfoQ: The Accidental Agilist: A Personal Look Back at 10 Years of the Agile Manifesto

Bertrand Meyer’s technology blog » Blog Archive » In praise of Knuth and Liskov

Augmented Reality: Sketchpad demo | Beyond The Beyond
American military-industrial engineers of the early 1960s.

Tom West; engineer was the soul of Data General’s new machine –

Don Manuel estaría contento –
Medio siglo de la puesta en marcha de Clementina, en Argentina

Game Classification : 3D Maze (1982)

Why the internet will fail (from 1995) | Three Word Chant!

Bill Gates: 10 Crazy Stories

Paul Allen compares working with Bill Gates to ‘being in hell’ (video) — Engadget

Ed Roberts, personal computer pioneer (1941 – 2010) « Kempton – ideas Revolutionary

7 de abril, el día que nació la Red — ALT1040

RFC 1 – Host Software (RFC1)

Computer History Museum

Computer History Museum | Exhibits | This Day in History: April 6
Microsoft Corporation releases Windows 3.1 (1992)

Historia tecnológica: Dynabook, la tablet original — ALT1040

Osborne 1 celebrates its 30th birthday, and that of the portable computing revolution

Paul Baran, 84, Dies – Helped Pave Way for Internet –

La computadora que acompañó a una generación de programadores –
Sinclair ZX81

5 Years Later, Jack Dorsey Tweets About Twitter’s Beginning

The essence of the ‘Net: a history of the protocols that hold the network together

How Did The Original Google Server Looked Like | Top Design Magazine – Web Design and Digital Content

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist Tells the Tale of the World’s First Computer | Magazine

Microsoft Excel: The Program’s Designer Reveals The Secrets Behind The Software That Changed the World 25 Years Ago – The Daily Beast

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