Computer History: Links And Resources (3)

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John McCarthy’s theorem prover

History of the Scheme programming language

LEO I, el primer ordenador comercial de la historia, cumple 60 años

“Post-PC Computing” Is Not a Vision
Allen Wirfs-Brock discusses the various computing eras and the change we are currently going through, leaving the PC era and entering a new one characterized by mobility, clouds, HTML and content.

Historia del Software: el lenguaje Python

History of the Internet

A bit of Scheming

Why calculating is better than scheming


Espectacular prototipo de teléfono táctil creado por Apple en 1983

Zuckerberg would stay in Boston if he were starting up now

Readable s-expressions and sweet-expressions home page: Infix and fewer parentheses in Lisp-like languages


The Muses of Insert, Delete and Execute

The Ultimate DOS Machine

Astonishments, ten, in the history of version control

History of Early Stages of Microdata Corporation

A garbage collector for C and C++

A Glance At Garbage Collection In Object-Oriented Languages

Over time, Linux package dependencies show predator/prey relationship

Un auténtico invento adelantado a su tiempo: la máquina analítica de Charles Babbage

A Before-Its-Time Machine

The making of the Xbox: How Microsoft unleashed a video game revolution (part 1)

Incredible Control Panel Of IBM System/360 On Slant With A Few Illuminated Lights

Examining the Roots of Agile

Ward Cunningham on Agile: 10 Years After

AI scientists want to make gods. Should that worry us?

Interview with Dennis M. Ritchie

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie Explain UNIX (Bell Labs)

Takeuchi and Nonaka: The Roots of Scrum

Steve Jobs: Insanely great

A decade’s worth of Windows mistakes that changed Microsoft (for better and worse)

John McCarthy obituary
US computer scientist who coined the term artificial intelligence

Historia de la tecnología: Lisp

The birth of the iPod
The events that led to Apple’s great unveiling on October 23, 2001

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