Computer History: Links And Resources (9)

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Doug Engelbart and the vision thing: Is Silicon Valley suffering from a failure of imagination? — Tech News and Analysis

A few words on Doug Engelbart

Computer Visionary Who Invented the Mouse –

Douglas Engelbart, Developer of the Early Computer Mouse, Dead at 88

Douglas Engelbart : The Mother of All Demos (1/9) – YouTube

Doug Engelbart, American inventor and computing legend, has passed away — Tech News and Analysis

Douglas Engelbart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Programming on Early Microcomputers: A Retrospective

PC History

Tektronix Smalltalk Document Archive

A short history of structured flowcharts

WordPress › Ten Good Years

id-Software (id Software)

Your Code May Work, But It Still Might Suck

Infographic: The History of Programming Languages

The One-Person Product –

Trygve 1975

La primera web de la historia cumple 20 años

BCPL – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


39 Unforgettable Moments in Tech Startup History


Tech Time Warp of the Week: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet, 1974 | Wired Enterprise |

Vim After 11 Years – Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest

A visual history of Linux – InfoWorld

Really Simple Social Syndication | Boris Smus

The history of Hadoop: From 4 nodes to the future of data — Tech News and Analysis

The 1952 Paper Chess Computer of Alan Turing

Remembering COM — The Endeavour

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