Git: Links, News And Resources (5)

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git svn – What is the format of an authors file for git svn, specifically for special characters like backslash or underscore? – Stack Overflow

Twig: Your personal Git branch assistant.

Git support for Visual Studio – Git, TFS, and VS put into Context – Scott Hanselman

[#GIT] HowTo: Empezar con #Git « El Bruno

Introducing Prose: A Content Editor for GitHub | Development Seed

GitHub will hit 5 million users within a year – Donnie Berkholz’s Story of Data


Dealing with line endings · github:help

Mind the End of Your Line « Tim’s Blog

How to: Delete a remote Git tag – Nathan Hoad

Fork A Repo · github:help

Understanding Git Conceptually

node_modules in git

Managing Node.js Dependencies with Shrinkwrap

Yammer Engineering – Managing Node.js Dependencies and Deployments at Yammer

.NET Rocks!

pbella/Cuis-Ports · GitHub

Eclipse Says Goodbye to CVS « Life at Eclipse

Gangnam Ons S4 Recording on 2012-11-07 1410-Vimeo1 +6db on Vimeo

Game Off Deadline Extended · GitHub Blog

10 things I hate about Git « Steve Bennett blogs

Building the Smalltalk VM from scratch using Git and CMakeVMMaker « Mariano Martinez Peck

Tag: gtotw – AlBlue’s Blog

How to use git to download a particular tag? – Stack Overflow

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