Computer History: Links And Resources (14)

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Contributions of Individual Programming Languages to Software Development | Javalobby

The Art of Atari: A celebration of game packaging’s golden age | Polygon

Conway’s Game Of Life in APL – YouTube

Why Language Designers Tolerate Undefined Behavior | Dr Dobb’s

Microsoft makes source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to public – The Official Microsoft Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

Emails From Eric Schmidt And Sergey Brin On Hiring Apple Workers – Business Insider

Systems Past: the only 8 software innovations we actually use – Technical Journal

Self: The Movie; – YouTube

Ruby Turns 21: 5 Major Milestones Of The Programming Language – ReadWrite

Douglas Lenat

artificial intelligence – How To Design Eurisko – Stack Overflow

Eurisko, The Computer With A Mind Of Its Own | Alicia Patterson Foundation

EURISKO – Lesswrongwiki

Let’s reimplement EURISKO! – Less Wrong

Eurisko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James Iry’s history of programming languages (illustrated with pictures and large fonts) | The Quick Word

Robot Odyssey: The hardest computer game of all time.

_why: La historia de un genio post-moderno

Apple ‘1984’ Commercial Is 30 Years Old Today (VIDEO)

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