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July 14, 2015

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (4)

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F-Sharp Focus
F# is a growing and increasingly important programming language. Many developers are using it every day; many more should be using it on a regular basis.

Programming with Values in Clojure
Alan Dipert discusses the benefits of functional programming in Clojure, suggesting using pure functions to process values and sometimes explicit procedures for needed side effects.

Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns

Translation from Haskell to JavaScript of selected portions of the best introduction to monads I’ve ever read

Understanding Monads With JavaScript

The Marvels of Monads

You Could Have Invented Monads! (And Maybe You Already Have.)

Everything Your Professor Failed to Tell You About Functional Programming

Rubyists Already Use Monadic Patterns

Functional Programming on the JVM

Application Development: Why Programmers Should Use the Haskell Language Now

straszheimjeffrey / The-Kiln
The Kiln is designed to make large complex functions easier to maintain. By “large and complex,” I mean things such as web applications, where you do not compute a single, simple result for a well-defined input, but instead a very complex set of outputs along with side-effects

What is a functional programming language

OCaml for the Masses

Functional Programming for Everyday .NET Development

Learn Haskell Fast and Hard

Functional Programming With Python – Part

Become a Good Programmer in Six Really Hard Steps

C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer – Functional Programming Fundamentals, Chapter 1 of 13

Functional Java
Functional Java is an open source library that seeks to improve the experience of using the Java programming language in a production environment. The library implements several advanced programming concepts that assist in achieving composition-oriented development. Functional Java is written using vanilla Java 1.5 syntax and requires no external supporting libraries. The JAR file will work with your Java 1.5 project without any additional effort.

Dataflow Programming: Handling Huge Data Loads Without Adding Complexity

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