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Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (17)

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Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome,-or-Why-React-is-Awesome

Functional TDD: A Clash of Cultures

Om sweet Om: (high-)functional frontend engineering with ClojureScript and React

“Controlling Time and Space: understanding the many formulations of FRP” by Evan Czaplicki – YouTube

The Functional Final Frontier

Functional Programming Is Great. But It Ain’t Magic. – Software People Inspiring

Prettt-tty, pretty, pretty good!: Actors are not a good concurrency model

The Language of the System – Rich Hickey – YouTube

Publications | LAMP

Functional Geekery Episode 14 – Richard MinerichFunctional Geekery | Functional Geekery

Functional Style Mind Shift in JavaScript | Mind The Shift

Simple Currying in javascript – The Thinking Alien

BOB – Call for Contributions 2015

Tomas Petricek – Domain Specific Languages, the functional way on Vimeo

The Comonad.Reader » Letter to a Young Haskell Enthusiast

Dylan (programming language) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Run an F# app, get an F# shirt | Xamarin Blog

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Git: Links, News And Resources (11)

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Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git | Steven Edouard

Welcome to the Waliki’s demo site | Waliki

GitHub Fork, Fix, Pull Request | Cocoanetics

Git 2.1 Released: What’s New

Share your code in Git

Curso de GIT, el más popular sistema de control de versiones (video-mejorado) – YouTube

Checkout remote Git branch – Stack Overflow

“Merge pull request” Considered Harmful | Spreedly Blog

Primera reunión del grupo de usuarios de git | Aprende GIT

Code School – Try Git

Git Magic – Preface


Geeky Theory | De geeks para geeks

How to install git 1.8.4 and git client on linux centOS 6.4 / RHEL6 « Rajiv Sharma

Learn Git – Learn Version Control with Git

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Using GitHub for Push-to-Deploy

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Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (16)

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The introduction to Reactive Programming you’ve been missing



Hardcore functional programming


The Functional Revolution in C |   Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe

Playing with Java 8 – Lambdas, Paths and Files | Java Code Geeks

Kevlin Henney: Functional Programming You Already Know on Vimeo

Seemingly impossible functional programs | Mathematics and Computation

Type Theory and Functional Programming

Elm 0.12.1 – Arrays

Stop That! Questioning Dogmatic Programming

Who’s Afraid of Object Algebras?

The Curse of the Excluded Middle – ACM Queue

C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer – Functional Programming Fundamentals, Chapter 1 of 13 | C9 Lectures: Erik Meijer – Functional Programming Fundamentals | Channel 9

Functional Rocks in London Start-ups!

Functional JavaScript, Part 3: .apply(), .call(), and the arguments object – Tech.Pro

Hardcore Functional Programming in Javascript | Frontend Masters

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Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (15)

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Functional JavaScript, Part 1: Introduction – Tech.Pro

What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell ( Stephen Diehl )

FHPC workshops

Learn from Haskell – Functional, Reusable JavaScript


2014 Conference Info | Commercial Users of Functional Programming

Jessica Kerr “Functional Principles for Object Oriented Development” – YouTube

Be Predictable, Not Correct. – Pete Hunt – MountainWest JavaScript 2014

Currying the callback, or the essence of futures… | Bruno’s Ramblings

Guest Post: “Haskell gets static typing right”, Andres Löh | The Skills Matter Blog

Functional programming in Clojure

School of Haskell | FP Complete

ROSEdu Techblog – A superficial exploration of Haskell, part 2: Lazy by default

LambaJam Chicago – Call For Presentations

Y Not — Adventures in Functional Programming – Jim Weirich – Ruby Conference 2012

Word numbers, Part 4: Sort the words, sum the numbers

Word numbers, Part 3: Binary search

Word numbers, Part 2

Word numbers, Part 1: Billion approaches

A great series of posts on the power of monoids : haskell

A Little Lens Starter Tutorial – School of Haskell | FP Complete

Haskell in the Newsroom

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Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (14)

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Conway’s Game Of Life in APL – YouTube

Cyrille Martraire: When FP Meets DDD @ I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2013 – YouTube

Haskell for all: Introductions to advanced Haskell topics

What it’s like to use Haskell | IMVU Engineering Blog

Clojure/West 2014 – YouTube

Functional Tests As A Tree Of Continuations

Abstractivate: Passing functions in Ruby: harder than it looks

RubyFunctionalProgramming – tokland – Functional programming with Ruby – My personal repository for code and documentation – Google Project Hosting

FP Days 2014, 20th-21st November 2014 | Lanyrd

p.brc: 99 Clojure Problems – 25: Generate a Random Permutation of the Elements of a List

LambaJam Chicago – Welcome

SOLID: the next step is Functional

Clojure Cookbook – O’Reilly Media

Well-Typed – The Haskell Consultants

Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design (FARM)


Object-Oriented vs Functional Programming |

Lisp Flavored Erlang

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Elixir: Links And Resources (2)

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The Erlangelist: Beyond Task.async

Daniel Berkompas – Changing Your Ecto Encryption Key

“Ephemeral P2P” Project — Medium

Michal Muskala – Coding, thoughts, and ideas

Elixir configs

Elixir for the Functional Rubyist | Indiegogo

The Erlangelist: Outside Elixir: running external programs with ports

P2P WebRTC file sharing app: Broker using Phoenix

Elixir in Action Review and Q&A with the Author

Phoenix 1.0 – the framework for the modern web just landed · Phoenix

Email notifications about errors in Elixir

Using Dilayzer with Elixir Integration Tests – Learning Elixir

Core Elixir: List.delete_at/2 – Various and Sundry CS

Using Recursion In Elixir To Break Your OO Brain – Rob Conery

The Erlangelist

Elixir, Docker and PG2

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Elixir: Links and Resources (1)

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Programming in Elixir with the Phoenix Framework – Building a basic CRUD app · Garrett Heinlen

Introduction – Elixir

Elixir Documentation – Elixir

The Languages And Frameworks That You Should Learn In 2015 | wwwDesigned


The Polyglot in the Code – An Elixir/Ruby Mashup – Johnny Winn – YouTube

Elixir is for programmers


Lost in a World of Data | Virtuous Code

Elixir: Modern Programming for the Erlang VM


Writing RabbitMQ Plugins With Elixir

A Week with Elixir

Elixir – A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM on Vimeo

Erlang: Is Elixir ( production ready? – Quora


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