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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (15)

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Visual Interfaces in ClojureScript

Deconstructing the Database
Rich Hickey deconstructs the monolithic database into separate services, transactions, storage, query, combining them with a data model based on atomic facts to provide new capabilities and tradeoffs.

Clojure Documentation | Getting Started With Clojure | Clojure Tutorials

fressian/fressian-clr · GitHub
This is a CLR port of the fressian project implemented for the JVM. This is the first iteration of the port, and the java source code was used as a basis to the code organization. Future efforts may involve making the API more idomatic to CLR developers.

Clojure Wiki

jamesmacaulay/poker-hands · GitHub
A little library to score poker hands in Clojure

storm/src/clj/backtype/storm/messaging/zmq.clj at master · nathanmarz/storm · GitHub

String propulsioning with Clojure


Titanium, a Clojure graph library built on top of Aurelius Titan and the Tinkerpop stack

Computing Now | Clojure for Number Crunching on Multicore Machines

Parsing packets Erlang style using core.logic

Understanding Coercion |

Getting Started with Clojure – Part 3 – Code School

Configuring Clojure Immutant by environment – Paulo Suzart Blog

http-kit/http-kit · GitHub
http-kit is a minimalist, event-driven, high-performance Clojure HTTP server/client library with WebSocket and asynchronous support

gcv/dgraph · GitHub

dataflow API reference (clojure-contrib)

straszheimjeffrey/dataflow · GitHub
A dataflow library for Clojure

Datomic/simulant · GitHub
Simulant is a library and schema for developing simulation-based tests

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (14)

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ClojureDocs – clojure.core/slurp

amitrathore/conjure · GitHub
a mocking library for clojure

How to solve Collatz Conjecture problem for huge numbers using clojure
parallelism tricks? – Clojure | Google Groups

jonase/kibit · GitHub

jasongustafson / akka-clojure
A clojureish wrapper for Akka (

Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community:Clojure at Noki

The Magic of Macros: Lighting-Fast Templating in ClojureScript — Prismatic Blog

fogus: Documentationation

Senior Software Developer – Functional Programming – Haskell / Clojure
/ Java / C# / F# / C++ Job in London, London UK

Is contributing to clojurescript is intentionally made hard ? –
Clojure | Google Groups

Bringing functional to the frontend: Clojure + ClojureScript for the
web — Prismatic Blog

brandonbloom/fipp · GitHub
Fast Idiomatic Pretty Printer for Clojure

Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn: The Once And Future Visual Programming
Environment | TechCrunch

Skills Matter : In The Brain of Bodil Stokke, ClojureScript

Clojure Hammock Weekend – Eventbrite

Clevolution by nodename

Clojure 2012 Year in Review | Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

Monad Protocols ?

Treklet: The Social Browsing Bookmarklet – Treklet: The Social
Browsing Bookmarklet

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (13)

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The Unofficial Guide to Rich Hickey’s Brain

Reblog – Clojure weekly, Dec 25th, 2012

Clojure & lx

Clojure & lx: Beginning with Clojure

Clojure & lx: What makes Clojure different?

Clojure & lx: Counting words

kanaka/clojurescript · GitHub

Why Java programmers have an advantage when learning Clojure | Zolo Labs

The Composing Schemer

How to structure a Clojure day for noobs? – Clojure | Google Groups

A Lazy Sequence: The Right Abstraction

Moving away from Noir – Bathroom Reading Material

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Machine Learning: Links, News And Resources (13)

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Machine-Learning Maestro Michael Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts – IEEE Spectrum

Computer science: The learning machines : Nature News & Comment

Machine Learning – Stanford University | Coursera

Google reports strong profit, says it’s ‘rethinking everything’ around machine learning | PCWorld

Amazon Machine Learning – Predictive Analytics with AWS

Applications of Machine Learning in FinTech | Let’s Talk Payments

15 Players that Use Machine Learning in FinTech Space | Let’s Talk Payments

(4) How is machine learning used in FinTech? – Quora

Technical and Business Perspectives on the Current and Future Impact of Machine Learning |

Machine Learning Will Transform Business: How to Benefit

Developers – Prismatic

Is a Cambrian Explosion Coming for Robotics? – IEEE Spectrum

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Elixir: Links And Resources (3)

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Develop fast web apps in Phoenix using pjax


Phoenix for Railsies: Form Helpers and Models

[Elixir] From Functions |> Processes

Testing callbacks in Elixir – The Pug Automatic

A deep dive into the Elixir Ecto library.

Phoenix: Templates Are Just Functions

Sending and receiving email with Elixir

PostgreSQL indexing with Ecto

Building Elixir From Source

bryanjos/elixirscript · GitHub

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ECMAScript 6: Links, News And Resources (3)

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ECMAScript 6: new OOP features besides classes

ECMAscript 6 Lessons – Screencast Video Tutorials @eggheadio

ECMAScript 6 compatibility table

ECMAScript 2015 Language Specification – ECMA-262 6th Edition

Getting started with ECMAScript 6

ECMAScript – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ECMAScript 6: New Features: Overview and Comparison

ECMAScript 6 support in Mozilla – JavaScript | MDN

es6features/ at master · lukehoban/es6features

Enumerability in ECMAScript 6

Relevance of ClojureScript

Pony Foo

7 Reasons to Upgrade to Node v4 Now

Scaffold out a node module with ES6+, Babel, tape and npm scripts

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ECMAScript 6: Links, News And Resources (2)

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ES6 Template Strings in Depth

ES6 JavaScript Destructuring in Depth

ES6 In Depth: The Future

Logging variables via an ES6 tagged template

StrongLoop | An Introduction To JavaScript ES6 Classes

ES6 Tail Call Optimization Explained · Kyle Owen

New regular expression features in ECMAScript 6

Building the Future today with ECMAScript 6 – return «value»;

JavaScript moves forward in Microsoft Edge with ECMAScript 6 and beyond

Creating a Next Gen JavaScript Application with Aurelia

The Symmetry of JavaScript Functions

Not Born to Die · Babel

Using ECMAScript 6 today // Speaker Deck

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (12)

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STM – a request for “war stories”!topic/clojure/kO6OuZGZnlY

jakemcc / lein-autoexpect
Run expecations when source or test files change

jaycfields / expectations
a minimalist’s unit testing framework

abysmal multicore performance, especially on AMD processors!topic/clojure/48W2eff3caU

tpope / vim-foreplay
foreplay.vim: Clojure REPL tease

Clojure Fundamentals – Part 1

Clojure: Production Web REPL

Starting Clojure (mk. 2)
cut another live coding screencast that introduces Clojure

Clojure/West Call for Presentations

immutant / openshift-quickstart
Run Immutant on Red Hat’s OpenShift

magomimmo / modern-cljs

What’s Your Next JVM Language?

ClojureScript – Better Semantics at Low Low Prices!

Polymorphism in Clojure
Clojure is a functional language with powerful mechanisms for implementing polymorphic behavior, including for types that you did not create. This talk explores how Clojure solves “the expression problem” common in object-oriented languages using protocols, types and records, and multi-methods. Topics include defining these constructs, applying them to types defined by you or others, and how they map to underlying JVM constructs.

A grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure
Our data is typically optimized for use by computers; what would it be like if we optimized for humans? This talk introduces a grammar of graphics for concisely expressing rich data visualizations. The grammar, implemented in Clojure, consists of simple data structures and can be used across the JVM and via JSON. This talk will cover principles of effective data visualization and the benefits of using data structures as an “API”. There will be lots of pictures and a touch of code.

Nathan Marz: “Cascalog: Making Data Processing Fun Again”

Welcome to Lambda Luminaries!
We are a bunch of Functional Programming enthusiasts in and around Pretoria.

jamii / concerto
Concerto adds a broadcast mode to nrepl, so that when multiple users are logged into the same nrepl server they can each see what the others are doing.

Clojure lab

laurentpetit / cljslein
Simplest Clojurescript demonstration project as possible with Leiningen2, nrepl, piggieback.

magomimmo / modern-cljs
A short series of tutorials on ClojureScript

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ReactJS: Links And Resources (3)

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React Tips and Best Practices – ÆFLASH


Introduction to the React JavaScript Library -Telerik Developer Network

reactjs – Existing UI libraries to use with React.js? – Stack Overflow

Riot 2.0 | A React- like UI library

5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: React – Modus CreateModus Create

React (JavaScript library) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sample Mobile Application with React and Cordova | Christophe Coenraets

Material UI – Material Design React Components

Anyone have any opinion on React vs Polymer? It’s something i’ve been strugglin… | Hacker News

Riot vs React vs Polymer

The value of react / Jonathan Krause @jonykrause, Front–end developer

Component Interop With React And Custom Elements

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else? – Funny Ant

html – Is it possible to use Polymer inside of React? – Stack Overflow

javascript – Pros and Cons of Facebook’s React vs. Web Components (Polymer) – Programmers Stack Exchange

An Unconventional Review of React | Let’s Code JavaScript

Introducing React Native: Building Apps with JavaScript

Boiling React Down to a Few Lines in jQuery – Hackflow

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Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (20)

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A practical introduction to functional programming

Functional Programming — Eloquent JavaScript

Functional Programming

16 Months of Functional Programming

Functional programming – HaskellWiki

Don’t Be Scared Of Functional Programming – Smashing Magazine

A blog

Immediate mode GUIs | Lambda the Ultimate

Pure UI

(lisp (flavored (erlang)))

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