ReactJS: Links And Resources (3)

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React Tips and Best Practices – ÆFLASH


Introduction to the React JavaScript Library -Telerik Developer Network

reactjs – Existing UI libraries to use with React.js? – Stack Overflow

Riot 2.0 | A React- like UI library

5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: React – Modus CreateModus Create

React (JavaScript library) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sample Mobile Application with React and Cordova | Christophe Coenraets

Material UI – Material Design React Components

Anyone have any opinion on React vs Polymer? It’s something i’ve been strugglin… | Hacker News

Riot vs React vs Polymer

The value of react / Jonathan Krause @jonykrause, Front–end developer

Component Interop With React And Custom Elements

React.js and How Does It Fit In With Everything Else? – Funny Ant

html – Is it possible to use Polymer inside of React? – Stack Overflow

javascript – Pros and Cons of Facebook’s React vs. Web Components (Polymer) – Programmers Stack Exchange

An Unconventional Review of React | Let’s Code JavaScript

Introducing React Native: Building Apps with JavaScript

Boiling React Down to a Few Lines in jQuery – Hackflow

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