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STM – a request for “war stories”!topic/clojure/kO6OuZGZnlY

jakemcc / lein-autoexpect
Run expecations when source or test files change

jaycfields / expectations
a minimalist’s unit testing framework

abysmal multicore performance, especially on AMD processors!topic/clojure/48W2eff3caU

tpope / vim-foreplay
foreplay.vim: Clojure REPL tease

Clojure Fundamentals – Part 1

Clojure: Production Web REPL

Starting Clojure (mk. 2)
cut another live coding screencast that introduces Clojure

Clojure/West Call for Presentations

immutant / openshift-quickstart
Run Immutant on Red Hat’s OpenShift

magomimmo / modern-cljs

What’s Your Next JVM Language?

ClojureScript – Better Semantics at Low Low Prices!

Polymorphism in Clojure
Clojure is a functional language with powerful mechanisms for implementing polymorphic behavior, including for types that you did not create. This talk explores how Clojure solves “the expression problem” common in object-oriented languages using protocols, types and records, and multi-methods. Topics include defining these constructs, applying them to types defined by you or others, and how they map to underlying JVM constructs.

A grammar for statistical graphics in Clojure
Our data is typically optimized for use by computers; what would it be like if we optimized for humans? This talk introduces a grammar of graphics for concisely expressing rich data visualizations. The grammar, implemented in Clojure, consists of simple data structures and can be used across the JVM and via JSON. This talk will cover principles of effective data visualization and the benefits of using data structures as an “API”. There will be lots of pictures and a touch of code.

Nathan Marz: “Cascalog: Making Data Processing Fun Again”

Welcome to Lambda Luminaries!
We are a bunch of Functional Programming enthusiasts in and around Pretoria.

jamii / concerto
Concerto adds a broadcast mode to nrepl, so that when multiple users are logged into the same nrepl server they can each see what the others are doing.

Clojure lab

laurentpetit / cljslein
Simplest Clojurescript demonstration project as possible with Leiningen2, nrepl, piggieback.

magomimmo / modern-cljs
A short series of tutorials on ClojureScript

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