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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (14)

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6 tech trends for 2015 that will change our future

The Story of Siri, by its founder Adam Cheyer

Ray Kurzweil – La singularidad está cerca |

Chef Watson and the Institute of Culinary Education – YouTube

IBM Watson is Providing Business Analytics — Free

Why Clojure? | AI3:::Adaptive Information

The Current State of Machine Intelligence — Medium


The Internet Of Things Is Reaching Escape Velocity | TechCrunch

Computer Backgammon, by Hans J. Berliner

Backgammon Computer Program Beats World Champion, by Hans J. Berliner

Code Rally Online Challenge

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (13)

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Google Creates Software That Tells You What It Sees in Images | MIT Technology Review

google-brain « Deep Learning

Interview: Inside Google Brain Founder Andrew Ng’s Plans To Transform Baidu

Inside the Artificial Brain That’s Remaking the Google Empire | WIRED

Google Brain – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Frame Language in Clojure (part 1)

Swarm Intelligence – Tyler Julian Johnson | Architect Designer


Encog Machine Learning Framework | Heaton Research


Machine learning

Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers and Strategies – YouTube


Javascript Battle

Student Team Builds JavaScript Battle: A Game for Artificial Intelligence Aficionados and Newbies — Coding Bootcamp in San Francisco. JavaScript focused programming school.

AI.js: Robots with Brains // Speaker Deck

Artificial Intelligence: Teaching the Computer to Play Tic-Tac-Toe

JsAiManual – mindforth – using the tutorial AiMind in JavaScript – Artificial Intelligence with automated reasoning in English, German and Russian – Google Project Hosting

JavaScript for Artificial Intelligence


Tryolabs | Python Django development with Artificial Intelligence components |

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (12)

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Designing Artificial Intelligence for Games (Part 1) | Intel® Developer Zone

Artificial Intelligence | HTML5 Game Design


Wit — Natural language for the Internet of Things

Face Detector

Tigers and Goats: An Interesting AI Game in Javascript and HTML5 – CodeProject

Artificial Intelligence in Games – CodeProject

AI Programming: Noob to Pro | Game Jolt

artificial intelligence – need advice for creating game AI -> javascript – Stack Overflow

algorithm – How can we implement Artificial Intelligence in Javascript games? – Stack Overflow

5 ways to add machine learning to Java, JavaScript, and more | Predictive analytics – InfoWorld

ConvNetJS: Deep Learning in your browser

Introduction to AI Programming for Games – Ray Wenderlich

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (20)

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My First Clojure Macro | Javalobby

Railo 4.2, Tomcat 7, Clojure – how simple could it be? — An Architect’s View

Clojure Development on Android: State of Clojure on Android 2013

Don’t Trust Your Brain

Introduction to Web Application Development in Clojure at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine | Japila :: verba docent, exempla trahunt

Clojure Inside Out – O’Reilly Media

Clojure in the Field

Wisp playground
Wisp is homoiconic JS dialect with a clojure syntax,

Gozala/wisp · GitHub

videlalvaro/gifsockets · GitHub
Real Time communication library using Animated Gifs as a transport

Liberator – Welcome
Liberator is a Clojure library that helps you expose your data as resources while automatically complying with all the relevant requirements of the HTTP specification (RFC-2616).

s-k/simplecs · GitHub
Simplecs is a Component-Entity-System game engine used to write games in a modular fashion

juliangamble/clojure-ants-simulation · GitHub

Clojure Concurrency – Rich Hickey – YouTube

Elastisch 1.1.0 is released – The ClojureWerkz Blog

Clojure Programmer at Triggit // Functional Jobs

Pithering About » Clojure at a Bank – Testing

Replace Temp with Query in Clojure | 8th Light

Concurrency in Clojure

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (19)

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Imagez – image processing for Clojure | Creative Clojure

Neural Network Visualisation | Creative Clojure

nuroko/nurokit · GitHub
Toolkit for machine learning in Clojure

Alchemy Day 7: Completion! | Creative Clojure

Game development in Clojure : Alchemy 7DRL post-mortem | Creative Clojure

March | 2013 | Creative Clojure

JeremS/cljss-core · GitHub

Clojure development with Sublime Text 2 – YouTube

Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community:Machine Learnin

clojure:inicio [HackBo | Wiki]

mikera/imagez · GitHub Common ground in Groovy, Scala, and Clojure, Part 3

Jay Fields’ Thoughts: Clojure: Testing The Creation Of A Partial Function

Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community : Deuce is (not

mariogarcia/polyglot · GitHub

Use of Clojure macros for DSLs – Stack Overflow

(not= DSL macros) – Christophe Grand – YouTube

(not= DSL macros)

zcaudate/purnam · GitHub

Clojure with Emacs | Clojure Documentation | Clojure Docs

weavejester/hiccup · GitHub

runexec/porta · GitHub

runexec/chp · GitHub

runa-dev/kits · GitHub

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (18)

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dlowe/bleach · GitHub
Whitens unsightly code

Elastisch, a minimalistic Clojure client for ElasticSearch | ElasticSearch Clojure client

Elastisch 1.1.0-rc2 is released – The ClojureWerkz Blog
Elastisch is a battle tested, small but feature rich and well documented Clojure client for ElasticSearch. It supports virtually every Elastic Search feature, provides both HTTP and native clients

Getting Started with Emacs – Clojure Documentation – Clojure Development

thebusby/iota · GitHub
Iota is a simple library which indexes text files via Java NIO’s mmap() to produce a vector like data structure. This allows for using Clojure 1.5’s reducers to operate over text files larger than memory in parallel.

gavingroovygrover/grojure · GitHub
Grojure programming language – a Java-like syntax atop Clojure

Clojure Cup 2013
Clojure Cup is a distributed programming competition for Clojure and ClojureScript programmers from all over the world, in the spirit of Rails Rumble and Node Knockout.

ragnard/hamelito · GitHub
Library for a subset of Haml with hiccup and enlive support

tailrecursion/javelin · GitHub
Spreadsheet-like Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) in ClojureScript

Introducing Javelin: an FRP library for ClojureScript – tailrecursion

Engelberg/instaparse · GitHub
What if context-free grammars were as easy to use as regular expressions?

Why Clojure? Part 2: Effortless async by design – Adam Bard and his magical blog

Clochure – A Better Clojure

How Clojure Babies are Made: Leiningen’s Trampoline

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (17)

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Blog | Tim Ewald on Pedestal – Podcast Episode 027 | Relevance

Pedestal Documentation – Build web apps in Clojure

Cerraduras: clojure en español: Sobre el polimorfismo en clojure y la oop

Clojure/Java Interop – Importing Neo4j Spatial Data | Architects Zone

Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community : London Clojur

Horses for courses: choosing Scala or Clojure | Echo One

How Clojure Babies Are Made: Understanding lein run

Alternate string quote syntaxes – Clojure Design – Clojure Development

clojure/core.logic · GitHub
A logic programming library for Clojure & ClojureScript. core.logic offers Prolog-like relational programming, constraint logic programming, and nominal logic programming for Clojure.

How Clojure Babies Are Made: Compiling and Running a Java Program

Clojurescript – Lisp Games Wiki

My Clojure journey: Hearts, koans, and 4clojure | the pluralsight blog

Clojure REPL – Android Apps on Google Play

Mark Watson’s blog: Small example app using Ember.js and Clojure + Compojure + Noir

Growing a DSL with Clojure | Clojure Documentation | Clojure Docs
Lisps like Clojure are well suited to creating rich DSLs that integrate seamlessly into the language.

ibdknox/ChromaShift · GitHub
It is an example of a complete and working game written in ClojureScript in just 48 hours.

ibdknox/gambit · GitHub
An entity-component-system framework for building games in ClojureScript

A Path to Clojure (3 Mini Reviews) => Productively Distracted Common ground in Groovy, Scala, and Clojure, Part 1

Clojure Koans
Clojure koans are exercises meant to initiate you to the mysteries of the Clojure language. By following along the path set before you, you will touch on all the major aspects of the language, from simple datatypes to macros, from tail recursion to Java interoperability. Clojure: All grown up

edn-format/edn · GitHub
Extensible Data Notation

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