Clojure: Links, News And Resources (16)

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myfreeweb/clj-configurator · GitHub

Clojure Model-View-Controller (MVC) design – Stack Overflow

xavi/noir-auth-app · GitHub
A complete authentication web app based on Clojure/ClojureScript, Compojure, lib-noir, Enlive and MongoDB

Clojure, Functional Programming and Data at

4 Things Java Programmers Can Learn from Clojure (without learning Clojure) | LispCast

Thoughts on Programming: Logic programming is overrated

Achieving awesome numerical performance in Clojure | Creative Clojure

Computing Now | A Glimpse of the Future of Scientific Programming

Watch Christophe Grand: (not= DSL macros) | Clojure Episodes | How To Videos | Blip

thattommyhall/aima-clojure · GitHub
Clojure implementation of algorithms from Russell and Norvig’s Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. WIP

thattommyhall/cljs-bug · GitHub

ClojureScript compiler as web service

remleduff/CinC · GitHub
Clojure in Clojure

Chris Granger – A new Light Table experience

The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM Languages |

bodil/dogfort · GitHub
An experimental web server framework for ClojureScript on Node.js

java – Clojure Performance For Expensive Algorithms – Stack Overflow

LispCast Introduction to Clojure Videos by Eric Normand — Kickstarter

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