Clojure: Links, News And Resources (18)

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dlowe/bleach · GitHub
Whitens unsightly code

Elastisch, a minimalistic Clojure client for ElasticSearch | ElasticSearch Clojure client

Elastisch 1.1.0-rc2 is released – The ClojureWerkz Blog
Elastisch is a battle tested, small but feature rich and well documented Clojure client for ElasticSearch. It supports virtually every Elastic Search feature, provides both HTTP and native clients

Getting Started with Emacs – Clojure Documentation – Clojure Development

thebusby/iota · GitHub
Iota is a simple library which indexes text files via Java NIO’s mmap() to produce a vector like data structure. This allows for using Clojure 1.5’s reducers to operate over text files larger than memory in parallel.

gavingroovygrover/grojure · GitHub
Grojure programming language – a Java-like syntax atop Clojure

Clojure Cup 2013
Clojure Cup is a distributed programming competition for Clojure and ClojureScript programmers from all over the world, in the spirit of Rails Rumble and Node Knockout.

ragnard/hamelito · GitHub
Library for a subset of Haml with hiccup and enlive support

tailrecursion/javelin · GitHub
Spreadsheet-like Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) in ClojureScript

Introducing Javelin: an FRP library for ClojureScript – tailrecursion

Engelberg/instaparse · GitHub
What if context-free grammars were as easy to use as regular expressions?

Why Clojure? Part 2: Effortless async by design – Adam Bard and his magical blog

Clochure – A Better Clojure

How Clojure Babies are Made: Leiningen’s Trampoline

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