Clojure: Links, News And Resources (22)

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David Nolen: ClojureScript: Lisp’s Revenge on Vimeo

Generic operator predicate dispatch semantics in Clojure


Cascalog: Logic Programming over Hadoop


Clojure/core — Clojure core.async Channels

Learning a language is like brain damage

A Tourist’s Guide to Clojure for Java Programmers – LJC – London Java Community (London, England) – Meetup

ZenRobotics R&D Blog: Clojure style: accessing maps and records

Learn Clojure in 15 minutes, perhaps – Adam Bard and his magical blog

clojure/core.match · GitHub

mysql – how does one _model_ data from relational databases in clojure? – Stack Overflow

Clojure number crunching performance – Stack Overflow

Functional Composition – Chris Ford – YouTube

Chris Ford: Functional Composition (musically speaking) | Functional Talks

Beyond Contracts: An Exploration into Unified Specifications

Gotcha of sorted sequences: the trichotomy property

The Den of Clojure (Denver, CO) – Meetup

candera/dynne · GitHub

Clojure-based Machine Learning | The Official Blog of

Factual | Clojure and Clojurians at Factual

noprompt/garden · GitHub

evanescence/test2 · GitHub

ztellman/primitive-math · GitHub

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