New Month’s Resolutions: January 2016

A new year started, it’s time to write the new month’s resolutions. But first, let review the past month’s ones:

– Prepare a FinTech-related talk [pending]
– Work on Husky [pending]
– Work on SharpGo [complete] see repo
– Improve AjGenesis for Node [complete] see repo
– Publish AjLispJava [pending]
– Work on Golin [pending]
– Work on RkModel [pending]
– Improve SimpleDT [complete] see repo

Additionally I was working on:

– Improving Memolap [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleMemolap [complete] see repo
– Improving ElixirJS [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleDatabase [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleLisp [complete] see repo
– Starting SimpleTasks [complete] see repo
– Publishing a new version of SimpleAsync [complete] see repo
– Starting MoneyPool [complete] see repo
– Starting and Publishing MongoRepo [complete] see repo
– Refactoring SimpleGA and adding a new traders sample [complete] see repo
– Updating AjGenesisNode-Entity to a new version [complete] see repo
– Updating AjGenesisNode-Model to a new version [complete] see repo
– Updating AjGenesisNode-Express to a new version [complete] see repo
– Simplifying SimpleRules and adding a DSL [complete] see repo
– Improving OStore and publishing a new version [complete] see repo
– Adding JSON support to SimpleDSL [complete] see repo
– Adding recursive option to SimpleUnit [complete] see repo
– Starting BTraderLib [complete] see repo

A lot of work! My new month’s resolutions:

– Work on SimpleGA trader samples
– Work on SimpleDatabase
– Work on SimpleMemolap
– Work on Memolap
– Improve AjGenesisNode
– Improve SharpGo
– Improve Husky
– Work on GoLin

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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