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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (20)

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Five million dollars for those that demonstrates the benefits of artificial intelligence

News Feed, Blog and Showcase –

Cognitive technologies in the technology sector | Deloitte University Press

JavaScript AI For An HTML Sliding Tiles Puzzle – Smashing Magazine

Will Artificial Intelligence have an Uber Effect on Finance? –

Google’s Go Victory Is Just a Glimpse of How Powerful AI Will Be | WIRED

Can Google’s AlphaGo really feel it in its algorithms? | John Naughton | Opinion | The Guardian

Research Blog: AlphaGo: Mastering the ancient game of Go with Machine Learning

The Rise of the Artificially Intelligent Hedge Fund | WIRED

Siri’s Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask | WIRED

Fintech: Search for a super-algo –

5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2016

Property Management Software Online | Petra

Google chairman Eric Schmidt: Artificial intelligence platforms can ‘change the world’ – Business Insider

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Internet Of Things: Links, News And Resources (10)

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What is the internet of things? | Technology | The Guardian

Internet of Things overview | Microsoft

A Simple Explanation Of ‘The Internet Of Things’ – Forbes

A 360° view of the world of the Internet of Things | The Big Data Hub

IoT: ¿Cuál será la evolución? Byline magistral de Breogán Gonda   – IT CONNECT – Latin American Chapter

IoT growth, artificial intelligence, and more news for IT pros | The Enterprisers Project

Announcing 18 New How-To Intel IoT Code Samples – CodeProject

Networking Considerations for Your IoT Project – CodeProject

Banks Should Prepare For The Internet Of Things | TechCrunch

Data Natives – A Conference for the Data Driven Generation

Internet of Things: Opportunity for Financial Services?

What is Bitcoin Blockchain and How Does it Work? | Toptal

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Internet Of Things: Links, News And Resources (9)

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A Guide to the Internet of Things Infographic

Internet of Things overview | Microsoft

Internet of Things Examples – Postscapes

The Half-Baked Security Of Our ‘Internet Of Things’ – Forbes

Internet of Things (IoT) – Cisco Systems

Is California’s Latest Move the Next Opportunity for the Internet of Things? — The Motley Fool

In the Programmable World, All Our Objects Will Act as One | WIRED

The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes | WIRED

Transforming industries: energy and utilities

Internet of Things creeps into the energy sector | EurActiv

Constrained Application Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

mcollina/node-coap · GitHub

Project Newton – Total Solution for Smart Home IoT Control – CodeProject

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Machine Learning: Links, News And Resources (16)

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Big Data’s Mathematical Mysteries

Google Releases TensorFlow, Open Source Machine Learning AI System | Re/code

Introduction to Classification & Regression Trees (CART) – Data Science Central

How Data Science And Machine Learning Is Enabling Cloud Threat Protection »

50 external machine learning / data science resources and articles – Data Science Central

Data Science London

A Learning Advance in Artificial Intelligence Rivals Human Abilities – The New York Times

Coursera Blog • Join Coursera Co-Founder, Andrew Ng in inspiring…


Welcome — Theano 0.6 documentation

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine | WIRED

Use the sample data sets in Machine Learning Studio | Microsoft Azure

Random Forest

Where machine learning and ‘human artistry’ meet your wallet

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Machine Learning: Links, News And Resources (15)

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Predictive Analytics : Prediction of Mortgage Risk (Part 1) | Manoj Kumar

Machine Learning to predict low risk loans by BigML

How Machine Learning & Data Analytics Are Revolutionizing Credit & Risk | Money20/20

Prediction of consumer credit risk,%20Enguerrand%20Horel,%20Flora%20Tixier,%20Prediction%20of%20consumer%20credit%20risk.pdf

Machine Learning to predict low risk loans by BigML – POUL PETERSEN at Big Data Spain 2014 – YouTube

Peer Lending Risk Predictor,Sivagami%20Ramiah,Sudhanshu%20Singh,Peer%20Lending%20Risk%20Predictor.pdf

Future of Consumer Lending Belongs to PhDs, Risk-Takers – Bank Think Article – American Banker

Credit Risk Assessment Using Statistical and Machine Learning: Basic Methodology and Risk Modeling Applications. – ResearchGate

Consumer Credit-Risk Models Via Machine-Learning Algorithms

Applying Machine Learning to Peer to Peer lending –

What machine learning models are typically used for credit risk?

Random Forest of ‘Give Me Some Credit’ Survey Results | no free hunch

Big Data + Machine Learning = Scared banks

Using Dataset Transformations and Machine Learning to Assess Loan Risk | The Official Blog of

Credit Risk Modeling – A Machine Learning Approach

Machine learning is becoming commonplace | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia

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ClojureScript: Links And Resources (14)

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Confreaks TV | Full-stack FP in Datomic, Clojure, and ClojureScript – LambdaConf 2015

ClojureScript Year In Review

Clojure Cup 2015

FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript Macro-Functions

Clojure 2015 Year in Review – Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

The ClojureScript Compiler – A Look Behind the Curtains – Maria Geller – YouTube

ClojureScript 17 – Building a Coils App – YouTube

Functional Geekery Episode 40 – David Nolen

lein-template 0.1.3 – Clojars

Parens of the Dead

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ClojureScript: Links And Resources (13)

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ClojureScript: Lisp’s Revenge – David Nolen – YouTube ClojureScript: how to begin

Clojurescript Made Easy

A simple Clojurescript app – Adam Bard and his magical blog

ClojureScript Builds, Rebooted | Adzerk Ad Serving API

Isomorphic JavaScript (with ClojureScript) for pre-rendering single-page-applications, part 1 – Carousel Apps

LAZY LAMBDA: Replicator: Bootstrapped ClojureScript REPL for Android

FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript on Android

Interactive Programming in ClojureScript

LispCast Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om

An Introduction to ClojureScript

Clojure is a product design tool. | Precursor

ClojureScript Blues

ClojureScript React Native

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