Ethereum: Links, News And Resources (2)

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Bankchains Could Be A Mix of Bitcoin And Ethereum Technology – The Merkle

ethereum/go-ethereum: Official golang implementation of the Ethereum protocol

Ethereum Foundation Appoints ?Dr. Christian ?Reitwiessner to C Team Leader –

obscuren/mutan: Compiler & Language definition for the Ethereum project

Solidity realtime compiler and runtime

Gavin Wood

How to Mine Ethereum on a Windows PC — 6 Steps – YouTube

DEVCON1: Ethereum for Dummies – Dr. Gavin Wood – YouTube

Ethereum Will Arrive (and 15 Other Blockchain Predictions for 2016) – CoinDesk

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum SKYROCKETS: Now #2 Cryptocurrency Behind Bitcoin – YouTube

Ethereum for Investors – Introduction [Part I] – YouTube

Vitalik Buterin on Singularity 1 on 1: Ethereum is a Decentralized Consensus Platform – YouTube

Ethereum (ETH) price, charts, and info | Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations

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