Ethereum: Links, News And Resources (3)

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LE12: Sergio Lerner – RootStock and Smart Contract Platforms – Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast

ConsenSys (@ConsenSysLLC) | Twitter

Christian Lundkvist (@ChrisLundkvist) | Twitter – Blockchain IoT

Eight Months Since Release, Ethereum Is Second Only To Bitcoin

– MANÐΞLΞIL – (@mandeleil) | Twitter

The Ether Review (@etherreview) | Twitter

The Ether Review #16 – Dominic Williams, Synthetic Assets by Arthur Falls

Microsoft’s Marley Gray: Ripple and ILP Will Be the Fabric of Multi-Chain Future | Ripple

Azure Blockchain as a Service update | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Dapp Developer Resources · ethereum/wiki Wiki

From Smart Contracts to Courts with not so Smart Judges – Ethereum Blog

Microsoft continues its blockchain-as-a-service push | ZDNet

Ethereum messaging for the masses (including fathers) – via infographic – Ethereum Blog

EthereumVibes (@EthereumVibes) | Twitter

Ukraine Embraces Ethereum Blockchain For Election Transparency – NEWSBTC


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