Building A Blockchain (7)

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In my personal blockchain project:

I want to execute simple code chain, using a virtual machine. The programs are usually called smart contracts. I adopted the Ethereum virtual machine design (read Ethereum Yellow Paper). Some classes:

A DataWord represents a number using 32 bytes. I implemented simple arithmetic operations using System.Numerics.BigInteger internally. I can create DataWord from integers or from byte arrays.

The Stack is an stack of DataWords, manipulated by the Machine. There is an enumeration, named Bytecodes, with the values of byte codes to be executed in the machine implementation. A program consists of a series of bytecodes, contained in a byte array. The Machine.Execute method is the place where the bytecodes are executed, manipulating the stack. Excerpt:

public void Execute(byte[] bytecodes)
    int pc = 0;
    int pl = bytecodes.Length;

    while (pc < pl)
        byte bytecode = bytecodes[pc++];

        switch (bytecode)
            case (byte)Bytecodes.Stop:
            case (byte)Bytecodes.Add:
            case (byte)Bytecodes.Multiply:
            case (byte)Bytecodes.Subtract:
            // more operations

I will add Storage and Memory to the execution of a program. The Storage will be associated and persisted with the contract account. Each contract is an account, with address, balance, but with code and storage state. The Memory will be created and used during the execution of the program, but it won’t be persisted: it is a temporary memory, used only at execution time.

I have a simple bytecode compiler, and a line compiler, to facilitate the creation of programs.

Next posts: description of compilers, block execution with transactions, storage and memory, persistent stores.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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