New Month’s Resolutions: July 2016

It’s time to write down my new month’s resolutions, and to review the past month’s ones.

– Improve WangTiles [pending]
– Improve WangTilesJS [complete] see repo
– Improve CrysSharp  [complete] see repo
– Improve GoSharp [pending]
– Improve SimpleForth [complete] see repo
– Improve BlockchainSharp [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleBlockchain [complete] see repo

Additionally, I worked on:

– Improve CrysJS [complete] see repo

My new resolutions:

– Improve WangTiles
– Improve WangTilesJS
– Improve CrysSharp
– Improve CrysJS
– Improve SimpleForth
– Improve BlockchainSharp
– Improve SimpleBlockchain

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

One thought on “New Month’s Resolutions: July 2016

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