Blockchain: Links And Resources (12)

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CoinDesk 3 Blockchain Projects Win E&Y Startup Challenge – CoinDesk

CoinDesk Former Estonian President to Lead World Economic Forum Blockchain Group

CoinDesk Hyperledger’s Next Act: A Blockchain Bridge to China – CoinDesk

A Decentralized Content Registry for the Decentralized Web – IPDB Blog – Medium

BigchainDB • • The scalable blockchain database.

IPDB – Interplanetary Database Foundation

The Next Big Thing? RSK Smart Contract Sidechain Launches Developer Release, Integrated in Jaxx Wallet

IOHK session RS|COIN: Cryptocurrency with central bank regulations: the RSCoin f…

Cryptocurrencies and Beyond – Aggelos Kiayias, Chief scientist IOHK. – YouTube

RSK Launches New Testnet ‘Turmeric’ – Bitcoin News

Project Bletchley: Microsoft Expands Blockchain to the Azure Marketplace with New Functionality

China’s online insurer ZhongAn launches blockchain and AI-focused technology incubator

CoinDesk As Argentina Embraces Blockchain, Emphasis on Politics Remains

specification · zcash/zcash Wiki

Trouble in the R3 paradise? » Banking Technology….

Live Blocks | TradeBlock

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