Blockchain: Links And Resources (16)

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WINGS: plataforma descentralizada de mercados predictivos reinventa las DAO

Can Blockchain Gain Traction in Power and Energy Markets? – Microgrid Media

US Commerce Department to Discuss Blockchain Copyright – CoinDesk

Intel is Winning Over Blockchain Critics By Reimagining Bitcoin’s DNA – CoinDesk

The Blockchain Milestone You May Have Missed – CoinDesk

Japan’s Central Bank is ‘Test-Driving’ Distributed Ledgers – CoinDesk

Evolution of Kadena, the First Real Private Blockchain – CoinDesk

Coders Named After Harry Potter Characters Join Bitcoin’s ‘Mimblewimble’

R3’s Corda Code Debut Draws Mixed Response – CoinDesk

Bitcoins: la moneda virtual crece en la Argentina y apunta a los clientes no bancarizados

Wings and ForkLog Announce a Contest for Best DAO Concept | ForkLog

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