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Blockchain: Links And Resources (32)

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Confianza ciega: el “código mágico” que enamora a los innovadores

A New Cryptocurrency For Coordinating Artificial Intelligence on Numerai
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Common tests for all Ethereum implementations

What is blockchain? A Primer on Distributed Ledger Technology

New Ethereum Proposal Aims to Supercharge Smart Contracts

State Channels

Special Report: Kickstarter and Silicon Valley VCs Blockchains

Why Bitcoin Will Get Scaling Without Segwit or Large Blocks
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Major Banks Use Blockchain Prototype for Live Oil Trade

5 Ways Bitcoins Could Be Transferred to a Sidechain

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (31)

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Sustainable Development Through Bitcoin

Episode 753: Blockchain Gang Listen· 22:17

Blockchain and IoT Trends Driving Thailand’s Digital Transformation

Microsoft, KPMG Co-Launch Blockchain ‘Nodes’ (Labs) in Frankfurt and Singapore

Canada’s SecureKey to Build a Blockchain Digital Identity Network with US Grant

Magic Internet Money is Finally a Reality – Web3.0 is Here

Blockchain to Disrupt Air Travel and Insurance with FlightDelay

What is Ethereum

Mona El Isa

Job – Software Project Manager

Blockchain: Links And Resources (30)

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What blockchain means for you, and the Internet of Things

Colony beta product summary

Ethereum job market Colony enters beta

Ethereum Lightning Network and Beyond

Lightning Fast Raiden Network Coming to Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum Races Ahead with Raiden’s Implementation of the Lightning Network

Lightning Network Paper

Raiden Network

HashPlex Unveils Lightning Network Implementation

Ethereum Payment Channels Could Enter Production in 2017

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (29)

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Introducing Aragon: Unstoppable companies

Zeppelin: a New Standard for Secure Blockchain Applications

Merkle Week

Ethereum is the OP_EVAL of cryptocurrency

Allowing Technology To Reach The Masses

BlockApps Partners with Red Hat To Make Ethereum Apps Easier

Not Just Nerds: Blockchain Solutions Are Already For Everyone

Georgia Becomes First Country to Register Property on Blockchain

OneCoin Leads Top 3 Scam Coins List, S-Coin, EarthCoin Follow

Top Investors Raise $2 mln for Blockchain-Based Digital Identity Solution

As Blockchain Identity Becomes Real, 2017 Will See An Explosion of Blockchain Profitability

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (28)

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Blockchain Startup Hashed Health Raises $1.8 Million

Dubai’s Government Launches Blockchain Trade Finance Trial With IBM

Automatic peer discovery in a private blockchain


Blockchain, Bitcoin and VAT in the GCC: the Missing Trader Example

Senegal se adelanta en la carrera de las criptomonedas nacionales

Blockcains for Artificial Intelligence

Trent McConaghy

Swiss Blockchain Consortium Develops Ethereum Trading Tool

Chain Interoperability

A Future Led by Bitcoin Unlimited is a Centralized Future

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Blockchain

WINGS Roadmap Update

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (27)

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How Bitcoin Unlimited Users May End Up on Different Blockchains

The first Multipurpose Blockchain enabled EV Charging Station

The Decentralized Marketing Network

$60 Bln Alipay to Adopt Blockchain Looking to Serve 2 Billion Users

Hyperledger Adds ‘Cello’ Blockchain Deployment Tool to Its Arsenal

Announcing Parity 1.5

The future is a decentralized internet

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New Month’s Resolutions: February 2017

The second month of the year just started, time to write my monthly resolutions, but first, let’s review the past ones:

– Improve CrysSharp [pending]
– Improve SharpGo [complete] see repo 
– Improve BlockchainSharp [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleBlockchain [pending]
– Continue Solidity Compiler [complete] see repo
– Continue ChineseP [pending]
– Continue PegSharp [pending]

Also, I did a minor improvement on ErlSharp see repo.

My new resolutions:

– Improve SharpGo 
– Improve BlockchainSharp
– Improve SimpleBlockchain
– Continue Solidity Compiler
– Continue ChineseP
– Improve ErlSharp

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez