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Blockchain: Links And Resources (38)

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Lots of Data in Cambridge University’s First ‘Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking

3 Ways to Invest in Blockchain Technology Without Buying Bitcoins

RSK Would Not Have Endorsed a Hard Fork for The DAO on Their Bitcoin Sidechain

NoSoySatoshi #4 SegWit2MB, Minería e Historia del dinero (5/4/2017) (ES)

How to Find $10M Just by Reading the Blockchain


Oleg Andreev

Chris Seberino

The Bitcoin / Blockchain Storm Will Completely Change Digital Marketing As We Know

A Plan to Save Blockchain Democracy From Bitcoin’s Civil War

Adopting Blockchain for enterprise asset management (EAM)

4 Ways Blockchain Can Disrupt Civic Traditions

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (37)

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Zcash Launches Non-Profit Foundation to Advance Adoption

The Ultimate List of ICO Resources

Storj to Migrate Decentralized Storage Service to Ethereum Blockchain

5 Companies Focusing on Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain Development

Introduction to zk-SNARKs with examples

Bitfury George

Shawn Wilkinson

Ethereum style smart contracts are coming to Bitcoin in June

On the emerging consensus regarding Bitcoin’s block size limit

Why Bitcoin projects migrate to Ethereum

The 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies

How blockchain is simplifying the US mortgage market

The Next Tsunami AI Blockchain IOT and Our Swarm Evolutionary Singularity

What is Ethereum, and could it actually replace Bitcoin?

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New Month’s Resolutions: April 2017

A new month begins, it’s time to write down my monthly resolutions. First, a review of the last month ones:

– Continue RskSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleBlockchain [pending]
– Continue Solidity Compiler [complete] see repo
– Continue ChineseP [pending]
– Continue TensorSharp [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working on:

– Improve SimpleProlog [complete] see repo
– Continue RSharp [complete] see repo
– Improve AjDrawJS [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleForth [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue RskSharp
– Continue SimpleBlockchain
– Continue Solidity Compiler
– Continue ChineseP
– Continue TensorSharp
– Continue RSharp
– Continue SimpleForth

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (36)

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Bitcoin Bulls: The Most Active Bitcoin & Blockchain Investors

Risk Bazaar

Blockchain Tech Has Never Been More Valuable or More Ready for World Domination

Coin Interview with RSK

How IBM wants to bring blockchain from Bitcoin to your data center

Smart Contracts Explained

CoinDash + RSK

Forks and Markets

Ethereum Light Client Protocol

Better Fork Terminology

IBM Goes Live With First Commercial Blockchains

99% of Blockchain Startups Are Bullshit

Upgrading Blockchains: Smart Contract Use Cases in Industry

Smart Contract Security

Newly Released Delaware Corporate Law Amendments Would Permit Blockchain Shares

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