Launch of RSK TestNet

The project started on 2015. I’m a member of dev team since one year and two months. Past Monday, the RSK TestNet was presented to the public, after running for months in private mode. The announce was made in Consensus 2017:

The intructions to participate in the TestNet:

The main open source code repo at:

You can check the TestNet status (some nodes) at:

The project is oriented to run an autonomous Ethereum network that allows the execution of smart contracts, using bitcoins to pay for the cost of running those contracts. There is a 2-way peg system to transfer from your BTC account to your own RSK account, and viceversa. The exchange is one to one. This is one of the pillars of the project: leverage Bitcoin network to use smart contracts. Another interesting pillar: RSK uses merge-mining, associated with miners that produces Proof of Work for RSK blocks using the PoW for BTC.

If the smart contract word is new to you, check the project:

I’m sharing resources and writing about blockchain (including code examples) in:

I hope to write more posts describing the RSK project.

Nos leemos!

Angel "Java" Lopez