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Learning Ethereum/RSK (2)

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Before understanding in deep Ethereum and RSK projects, we must study Bitcoin, its ideas and ecosystem. Another book about Bitcoin is:

Learning Bitcoin

by Richard Caetano (blog) CEO and co-founder of Stratumn. Bitcoin and Blockchain adopter since 2011.

I read:

In this book, we will introduce Bitcoin with a hands-on approach. We will begin with a simple and easy-to-follow introduction, which includes buying and selling bitcoin. Throughout the middle, we will look into the internal workings of Bitcoin to understand how its various pieces work. Towards the end, we will explore various ways in which Bitcoin can be used as “programmable money”.

So, it’s not a book only dedicated to developers, it includes some interesting topics, like accessing Bitcoin from JavaScript tools, and a detailed description of mining process.

The author discuss:

  • Setting  up a wallet
  • Buying and selling Bitcoins
  • Protecting your Bitcoins
  • Understanding the Blockchain (a topic more related with our objetives, understand Ethereum and RSK) Transactions, blocks, keys, genesis block. He also describes attacks like the 51 percent, race, and Finney attacks.
  • Installing a Bitcoin Node
  • Understanding the Mining Process (another topic to take into account in our exploration) Proof of work, mining rewards, mining pools, setting up a mining client, connecting to a mining pool.
  • Programming Bitcoin (in Ethereum we have a new and more powerful way to add logic to our transactions, the smart contracts) using BitcoinJS, sending transactions, writing an escrow contract
  • Alternative Coins

I like the mining descriptions, the attacks presentation and programming Bitcoin from JavaScript.

More resources in the next posts.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez