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Javascript: Links, News And Resources (5)

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Tutorial: Rubik’s cube with HTML5 (CSS3 + JavaScript)

Basics of 3d to draw Rubik’s Cube


Ten Things A Serious JavaScript Developer Should Learn

What is Node.js? The JavaScript runtime explained

Creating Beautiful Charts Using Vue.js Wrappers for Chart.js

The JavaScript Way
A modern introduction to an essential language.

The Story of our Progressive Migration from Backbone to Vue.js

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (55)

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – What to Read Now

Artificial intelligence: Three common misconceptions

9 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting and HR

Artificial Intelligence Investing Gets Ready For Prime Time

Artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise software in a profound way

A glossary of basic artificial intelligence terms and concepts

Devil Is in the Detail: Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence changing the face of the Hotel Industry

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (24)

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Monotonicity Types

Language, engine, and tooling for expressing, testing, and evaluating composable language rules on input strings.

Functional Programming Jargon

Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers

Redoing Make – Haskell from Scratch #1

Circulo de Aprendizaje: Functional Programming-TypeScript sesión 2

Javascript Monad and Monad Transformer Collection


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Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (23)

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Haskell Reflex

Haskell Concur

Haskell to JavaScript compiler, based on GHC

Haskell: difference between . (dot) and $ (dollar sign)

A strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript

Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Animation
Conal Elliott and Paul Hudak

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Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (115)

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Thanks To Blockchain, You Can See What Your Thanksgiving Turkey Looked Like As A Child

The Power of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

Nxt News – November 2017 (III): Push Yourself Because No One Else Is Going To Do It For You

ICO Review . Fighting Counterfeiting On The Blockchain

How Bitcoins Are Created Today

Tokenza Changes ICO Fundraising Game

How is Blockchain in Asia? BlockShow Meetup Conclusions

How can I debug a smart contract?

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (114)

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Top 100 Blockchain Organisations: From CoinDesk to BitPay, These Are the Most Influential Organisations in the Distributed Ledger Space

Insider Reflections on The ICO Bubble

The World’s Biggest Banks Lead the Blockchain Charge

Oman Blockchain Symposium Indicates Adoption Growth

DECENT and Dragonfly to Bring Blockchain to +100 Million Gamers

Fujitsu Launches Inter-Blockchain Payment System

The world is challenged by a crisis of trust, a blockchain startup will fix this

The Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to Watch in 2018

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (54)

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What is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence as a Service – AIaaS

Short History of Artificial Intelligence

Why the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Outweigh the Risks

Artificial Intelligence That, We Are Already Using In Our Daily Life

Carnegie Mellon Dean Of Computer Science On The Future Of AI

How Will Artificial Intelligence Improve the Internet of Things?

Rise of the Robots: From big data to artificial intelligence

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Angel “Java” Lopez