Daily Archives: May 14, 2018

New Month’s Resolutions: May 2018

Time to write new new month’s resolutions. First, review of the previous’ones:

– Continue SimpleGo [pending]
– Continue Exethn [complete] see repo
– Continue HuskyJS [pending]
– Continue RskApi [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [pending]
– Continue BlockchainSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleEvm [complete] see repo
– Continue TensorSharp [pending]
– Continue AprendiendoSolidity [pending]
– Continue SharpGo [pending]
– Continue RSharp [pending]

Additionally, I worked on:

– Improve ChineseP [complete] see repo
– Start NLPLib [complete] see repo
– Start smarttalk [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleGA samples [complete] see repo
– Improve SimpleDSL [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue Exeth
– Continue SimpleDSL
– Continue NlpLib
– Continue RskApi
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue BlockchainSharp
– Continue SimpleEvm
– Continue AprendiendoSolidity
– Continue RSharp
– Give a talk about Blockchain in C#
– Prepare talks about Artificial Intelligence

Angel “Java” Lopez