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JavaScript: Links, News And Resources (19)

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On Consuming (and Publishing) ES2015+ Packages

Node v10.5.0 (Current)

Announcing winston@3.0.0!

End-to-end testing Single Page Apps and Node.js APIs with Cucumber.js and Puppeteer

NodeJS Security Working Group

Deploy NodeJS Application to Azure using Docker

Connecting Competing Microservices using RabbitMQ

An extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


JavaScript: Links, News And Resources (18)

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Unit Testing Browser Extensions

What are the latest trends in front-end JavaScript?

Web apps are only getting better


A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

Requiring modules in Node.js: Everything you need to know

Write Perfect Code with Standard and ESLint

Standard ECMA-262

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (218)

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Ethereum Name Service progress update, mid 2018

How to explain blockchain in plain English

ERC: Crypto Item Standard #1155

EOSIO Bug Bounty Program

Why the SEC Should Have a Debate With John McAfee

The Yes Votes Are In: EOS Blockchain to Launch Imminently

iExec Blockchain-Based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (217)

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The EOS Arbitrator Problem: A Crypto Governance Breakdown Explained

EOS’s Experimental Launch Might Be Putting Investor Money at Risk

Leap, a New Startup Testing Blockchain, Takes 90MW Stake in California’s Distributed Energy Auction

Would you buy a digital tulip on the blockchain?

Crypto Startup Uphold Moves to Become Licensed U.S. Broker-Dealer

Bitcoin Price Risks Another Fall Below $6K, Charts Say

Huobi Pro Exchange to Suspend Crypto Trading in Japan

5 Blockchain Product Use Cases To Follow This Year

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (216)

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An Overview Of Latin America’s Blockchain Adoption

EmerCoin Blockchain

RSK CEO Diego Gutierrez: How Bitcoin Will Transform Information Sharing

EOS GO: Blockchain Launch Countdown Ready to Roll For June 9 1PM UTC

Back to Basics: introducing ETHBerlin

The Bitcoin Price Is Down 50% This Year Alone — Here’s Why

SEC Chairman: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Not Securities, but Most ICOs Are

How Blockchain Can Finally Fulfill Its Promise in Global Payments

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (215)

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Recent data on Turbo-Geth performance

RSK and iExec Collaborate Together to Provide Off-Chain Computing to Bitcoin Applications


A mistery hidden in the Genesis Block

Full Casper chain v2

The Psychology of Money

Visual Blockchain

Verifiable Delay Functions

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (214)

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Hashing It Out #12: Full Casper Chain v2 – Casper + Sharding

Verge (XVG) New Important Partnerships – TokenGaming and RSKsmart Soon

ERC: Ethereum Claims Registry #780

Different Approaches to Ethereum Identity Standards

RSK Labs in Crunchbase


Announcing Swarm Proof-of-Concept Release 3

Stanford computer scientists launch the Center for Blockchain Research

Angel “Java” Lopez


Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (68)

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2 New Ideas To Play Top AI, Bitcoin And Blockchain Stocks

Which machine learning algorithm should I use?

Tech experts weigh in on the AI hype cycle

Aye Aye, AI: Exploring Quantum Computing

Can robots make art?

How Frightened Should We Be of AI?

Knowledge Base

Attacks against machine learning — an overview

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (213)

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Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation: Part I

Meditations on EOS

Delve into Blockchain and Sports with NASBC in August

iExec Dev Letter #21: V2 Mainnet, Security Audits, What’s Next

Vitalik Unveils Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap

The Ethereum Killer Is Ethereum 2.0: Vitalik Buterin’s Roadmap

Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap

Ethereum 2.0 – What can we expect from the update?

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (212)

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Litecoin (LTC): Charlie Lee announces full schedule of the upcoming summit

Verge (XVG) is finally in the news but not for messing up

Can Verge (XVG) Redeem with RSK Integration?

September is all about Litecoin – Litecoin Summit

Why Regulatory Complexity Is Suddenly a Big Deal for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

UBS CEO: Blockchain Is ‘Almost a Must’ for Business

South Indian State of Kerala to Use Blockchain Tech in Food Supply, Distribution

Cold Reception? Crypto Critics Ignite After EOS Blockchain ‘Freeze’

Angel “Java” Lopez