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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (68)

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2 New Ideas To Play Top AI, Bitcoin And Blockchain Stocks

Which machine learning algorithm should I use?

Tech experts weigh in on the AI hype cycle

Aye Aye, AI: Exploring Quantum Computing

Can robots make art?

How Frightened Should We Be of AI?

Knowledge Base

Attacks against machine learning — an overview

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (213)

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Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation: Part I

Meditations on EOS

Delve into Blockchain and Sports with NASBC in August

iExec Dev Letter #21: V2 Mainnet, Security Audits, What’s Next

Vitalik Unveils Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap

The Ethereum Killer Is Ethereum 2.0: Vitalik Buterin’s Roadmap

Ethereum 2.0 Roadmap

Ethereum 2.0 – What can we expect from the update?

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (212)

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Litecoin (LTC): Charlie Lee announces full schedule of the upcoming summit

Verge (XVG) is finally in the news but not for messing up

Can Verge (XVG) Redeem with RSK Integration?

September is all about Litecoin – Litecoin Summit

Why Regulatory Complexity Is Suddenly a Big Deal for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

UBS CEO: Blockchain Is ‘Almost a Must’ for Business

South Indian State of Kerala to Use Blockchain Tech in Food Supply, Distribution

Cold Reception? Crypto Critics Ignite After EOS Blockchain ‘Freeze’

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (211)

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Soccer Meet Blockchain: Olyseum Wants to Ride the Crypto Wave

Five at Five: Walmart Has A New Blockchain Idea

Meet Depository Network CEO and Co-Founder at Blockchain Summit London, 26-27 June 2018

Foleum Announces Strategic Partnership with Nexus, World’s First Three Dimensional Blockchain

Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Blockchain Technology Applications

mLSM: Making Authenticated Storage Faster in Ethereum

ShapeShift CEO Says Blockchain Tech Is Taking Over the World

Interview with Koibanx

Angel “Java” Lopez


Programming: Links and Resources (16)

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Spotlight on Ada Lovelace

Fragile Test

Announcing .NET Core 2.1

Why Microsoft is buying GitHub: It’s all about developer relationships

Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers

How to find and maintain the perfect mentoring relationship

Smalltalk Comparo

5 advanced testing techniques in Go

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Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (210)

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Blockchain technology finances food kiosk owners in Kenya

How San Francisco’s Fastest Growing Blockchain Marketing Firm Is Going Big On Sports

Geopolitical analyst George Friedman says blockchain will become ‘obsolete’

Sweden’s Land Registry Demos Live Transaction on a Blockchain

Should Your Business Invest in Blockchain Technology?

Microsoft: 2018 May Be The Year Blockchain Goes Mainstream

Blockchain in Education can do Wonders, Here’s Why

How San Francisco’s Fastest Growing Blockchain Marketing Firm Is Going Big On Sports

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (209)

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Ethereum ERC20 Contracts Rise From 5,000 to 90,000 in Just a Year

Ekiden: A Platform for Confidentiality-Preserving, Trustworthy, and Performant Smart Contract Execution

Más allá del dinero: por qué Bitcoin es el “internet del valor”

Verge (XVG) sentimental analysis ̶ June 14, 2018

Edge Wallet & Security platform for Bitcoin and blockchain technologies

Ethereum Supernode Indexing Server

Smart Contracts
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Counterfactual: Generalized State Channels on Ethereum

Angel “Java” Lopez