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Blockchain: Links And Resources (353)

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Token 2049: Vitalik Buterin Says Non-Financial Blockchain Use Cases Are a ‘Harder Pitch’

Quarter-Million-Dollar Price Target: Tim Draper on His Bold Bitcoin Bet

SmartCustody: Simple Self-Custody Cold Storage Scenario

Crypto Gift Cards Can Now Be Used For Reservations on Airbnb

Merge Mining

‘500 Transactions a Second’: Vitalik Says Zk-Snarks Could Scale Ethereum

Privacy Coins: What You Need to Know

Futility Tokens: A utility-based post-mortem

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (352)

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Hackers fix 20 security flaws in cryptocurrency-related platforms in 2 weeks

Zero-Knowledge Proofs Workshop

OCaml DSL for verifiable computation

ZoKrates Seeks to Bring Best of Zcash to Ethereum with Devcon Debut

ZoKrates: a programming language that compiles to ethereum ZKPs

4 things that concern Vitalik Buterin about moving Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake

Data from the Ethereum stateless prototype

Collection of vm statistics, gathered from a geth instance

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (351)

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Cryptocurrency platforms DragonEx and CoinBene disclose hacks

Bolt-A-Thon: World’s First Online Lightning Network Conference and Hackathon

Why Ethereum is More Than Just a Cryptocurrency

Why Cryptocurrency is the Next Operating System for Capitalism

A Brief History of Blockchain: An Investor’s Perspective

MaxiMine Official Announcement: Update of Token Address

LocalBitcoins: AML regulation and new features update

Crypto Exchange Kraken Makes 2FA Mandatory and Forms New Security Lab

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (350)

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7 Universities Offering Online Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech Education

Parity Automatic Updating

0x Roadmap 2019 (part 3): Networked Liquidity & 0x Mesh

Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is Better?

What is the reasoning behind the choice of 2^256-2^32-977 for the prime on the secp256k1 curve?

Vitalik Buterin: Crypto Must Leave Behind the Individualism of the Early Cypherpunks

Fortmatic examples

Introducing Polaris
A trustless price oracle for ERC20 tokens on Ethereum Mainnet

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (349)

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Solidity Optimizer and ABIEncoderV2 Bug Announcement

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #39

Quantum Computing — Can Blockchain be Hacked?

Blockchain-based Machine Learning Marketplaces

Lightning Labs Loop Architecture

A Bitcoin Lightning Web Standard, Inspired By Ethereum, Is Gaining Steam

Spec and client library for WebLN apps and providers

How To Make Dumb Bets on Augur

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (348)

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eToro Acquires Smart Contract Startup for Tokenized Asset Boost

‘A Sad Joke’: Bitcoin Cash’s Lead Coder Quits Bitcoin Unlimited Project

Crypto spring? Bitcoin trading volume hits 15-month high

0x Roadmap 2019 (part 2): Scalability R&D

What Hammurabi’s Law Can Teach Us About Ethereum Governance

Why we Launch a Crypto Network Without a Token (for now!)

Cryptonetworks and the Theory of the Firm

Quantum Narratives

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (347)

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Validity Proofs vs. Fraud Proofs

Lightning Loop Lets Users Empty Lightning Channels Without Closing Them

Blockchain in Biometrics Could be Used in Travel Security, US Customs Rep Says

Smart grids are essential to prevent old power infrastructure from holding back the US economy

Bitcoin (BTC) Can Surmount $8 Trillion Gold, Argues Crypto Billionaire

Bitcoin Lightning Network hits 1000 BTC capacity

Ethereum 2.0 Development Update #24 — Prysmatic Labs

Bancor Hacker Moves Funds

Angel “Java” Lopez