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TDD: Links, News And Resources (24)

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Test-Driven JavaScript with Jasmine

On-site TDD | My Not So Private Tech Life

My Not So Private Tech Life | Johannes Link’s Travels through Software Development Space

Functional TDD: A Clash of Cultures

Skills Matter

30 Days of TDD: Day One – What is TDD and Why Should I Use It?

TDD: Why We Don’t Party Like It’s 1999

Claysnow Limited – To TDD or not to TDD? That is not the question.


Unit testing AngularJS with Visual Studio, ReSharper and TeamCity | endjin blog

Venkat Subramaniam: Succeeding with TDD: Pragmatic Techniques for effective mocking on Vimeo

Learning TDD Through Test First Teaching – YouTube

Separating Allocation from Code // Speaker Deck

Clean Coder Blog

Skills Matter

Test-driven JavaScript in practice by Christian Johansen at NDC 2011 at Oslo, Norway –

Writing meaningful, self-documenting, behavior-oriented tests – Daniel Cazzulino’s Blog

Software Craftsmen Are Arrogant, Slow, and Dogmatic | 8th Light

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (23)

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Lo que los gurús nunca te cuentan sobre Kanban y SCRUM

Moving from Practice to Production with Test-Driven Development

TDD is TDD (And Far From Dead) – Software People Inspiring

A TDD Journey: 1-Trials and Tribulations

A TDD Journey: 2- Naming Tests; Mocking Frameworks; Dependency Injection–naming-tests-mocking-frameworks-dependency-injection/

When TDD Doesn’t Matter

Test-Driven Development… by Grzegorz Gałęzowski [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

Creating and testing Meteor applications with BDD using Velocity and Jasmine | Dr. Llama’s Blog

One Mock Per Test Considered Not Awesome at

Everyday Tales: We Call It Unit For A Reason

Programming Without Fear | The Journeyman Programmer

Applying TDD to Scalding Development |

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (22)

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Myron Marston » Thoughts on Mocking

Why Your Test Suite Sucks – YouTube

Detecting Changes in Third-Party Code – The Code Whisperer

Justin Searls: JavaScript Testing Tactics on Vimeo

TDD by example: Patterns | Nico Cortés blog

Steve Freeman On TDD: How Do We Know When We’re Done?

Unit Testing JavaScript Applications

Scan Agile 2012: Phil Calçado: Better Functional Design Through Test-Driven Development on Vimeo

The TDD That Can be Spoken Is Not the Eternal TDD

The Domain Discontinuity | 8th Light

Test Double | Our Thinking | The Failures of “Intro to TDD”

¿Está TDD muerto o más vivito y coleando que nunca? – YouTube

TDD en C# con Visual Studio y NUnit – YouTube

Learn Test Driven Development in Flask – Part 2 | /dev/notes

Python: Automated Testing with Grunt (Node.js) | /dev/notes

Tom Stuart on TDD, BDD and Ruby

Test-Driven Development by Kent Beck

e-ferro Venturas/Desventuras de “informático”: De Test Unitarios de clases a Tests Unitarios de funcionalidad, un gran paso

JUnit: A Cook’s Tour

You won’t believe how old TDD is | Arialdo Martini

(10) Learning About TDD: The Purpose of #isTDDDead

Test Isolation Is About Avoiding Mocks — Destroy All Software Blog

Mis impresiones sobre el debate #isTDDDead | Jose Armesto

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (21)

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Test-Driven Development as Pragmatic Deliberate Practice – jbrains

12 Meses – 12 Lenguajes (Java) | AprendiendoTDD

Is TDD dead? [Part III] – YouTube

Tea-Driven Development :: How much do you refactor?

Is TDD Dead

Learn Test Driven Development in Flask – Part 1

James Shore: How Does TDD Affect Design?

How Does TDD Affect Design? | Let’s Code JavaScript

Veterans of TDD: J B Rainsberger | My Not So Private Tech Life

Is TDD dead? [Part II] – YouTube


The Little Mocker | 8th Light

The DHH Problem

Test Induced Design Damage? | 8th Light

The Curious Case of Tautological TDD – The Code Whisperer

My Personal Failures in Test Isolation — Extra Cheese

Script Junkie | Test Driven Development: Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

When Really To Use Mocks? First Ask: “What Are Mocks?” – Software People Inspiring

The pitfalls of Test-Driven Development « Otaku, Cedric’s blog

Damian Nicholson: Writing (testable | maintainable | scalable | rock solid) JavaScript on Vimeo

James Shore: Test-Driven JavaScript Master Class on Vimeo

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (20)

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When to Mock | 8th Light

TDD, BDD & Test de aceptación

How To Build A Ruby Gem With Bundler, Test-Driven Development, Travis CI And Coveralls, Oh My! | Smashing Magazine

Mocks and the Dangers of Overspecified Software | Ian Cooper

Veterans of TDD: James Shore | My Not So Private Tech Life

Veterans of TDD: Steve Freeman | My Not So Private Tech Life

Veterans of TDD: Ron Jeffries | My Not So Private Tech Life

Is TDD dead? – YouTube

Automated Testing and the Evils of Ice Cream

Test-induced design damage (DHH)

October CincyRb – Jim Weirich on Decoupling from Rails – YouTube


Gerard Meszaros – Find the Right Abstraction Level for Your Tests, For automated tests to provide true return on investment, they must do more than verify …

Yo no soy DHH. Long live TDD | Jose Armesto

The Social Networking Kata

Kickstart Academy

Professionalism and TDD (Reprise) | 8th Light

TDD, Straw Men, and Rhetoric — Destroy All Software Blog

Slow database test fallacy (DHH)

sethvargo/chefspec · GitHub

When TDD doesn’t work. | 8th Light


Mais uma vez… TDD não é bala de prata! |

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (19)

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BDD / ATDD for your Agile REST API, part 2 – Pragmatic API

BDD / ATDD for your Agile REST API – Pragmatic API

Monogamous TDD | 8th Light – Building on solid foundations by Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce –

Code Coverage of QUnit Tests using Istanbul and Karma

TDD is dead. Long live testing. (DHH)

Steve Freeman – Test-Driven Development (that’s not what we meant) on Vimeo


Clean Code Cheat Sheet | bbv Blog

Please don’t use Cucumber | Jimmy Cuadra

Generative Testing – Pivotal Tracker

Steve Tooke – The Cucumber Test Trap

Microsoft Fakes Framework in Visual Studio 2012

Introducing SharePoint Emulators – Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Test Driven Development in SharePoint 2010

TDD in Sharepoint Mocking/Testing user privilages – Stack Overflow

Test-Driven-Development with SharePoint 2010 By Andreas Rudolf Aschauer, BSc | The Unit Testing Blog – Typemock

SPCA2013 – Test-driven Development with SharePoint 2013 and Visual …

Part 1 — SharePoint Retreat–TDD and Unit Testing, the methodology used. – Blog of an overweight SharePoint addict

Having Trouble with Small Steps? Why? You already do them. | James Grenning’s Blog

The True Corruption of Agile | 8th Light

Survey Result on Usage of TDD | codecentric Blogcodecentric Blog

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (18)

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Can TDD Help Reduce Integration Time?

Elixir is for programmers

StudiesOfTestDrivenDevelopment – Agile Bibliography

Matt Sears | Minitest Quick Reference

Kickstart your next project with a Walking Skeleton – Code Climate Blog

Concordion – Technique

Code Kata

Expectations by jaycfields

Reused Abstractions Principle (RAP) – Software People Inspiring

When Should You Think? | 8th Light

Test-Driven Development. A Cognitive Justification? – Steve Freeman

Using No Mocks to Improve Design « Arlo Being Bloody Stupid

learn Scala with TDD – Stack Overflow

How Scala promotes TDD

TDD is a Path


Should you TDD on a Lean Startup? — Tech Talk — Medium

So Long, and Thanks for All the Tests

XP Epsiode


TDD, Architecture & Non-Functional Goals – All Of These Things Belong Together – Software People Inspiring

Jeremy Pollack of on Test-driven Development and More

the middle hexagon should be independent of the adapters | silk and spinach


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TDD: Links, News And Resources (17)

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RockPaperScissorsDoubleDispatchRuby/RockPaperScissors.rb at master · trikitrok/RockPaperScissorsDoubleDispatchRuby

Refactoring by the Book | ThoughtWorks

Responsible Design… by J. B. Rainsberger [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

Agile & Coding: From the streets of Test Driven Development: JavaScript

Mistaeks I Hav Made: Refactoring Interfaces

Jay Fields’ Thoughts: REPL Driven Development

Infinitest – Jayway


Metrics based Refactoring for cleaner codeGraham Brooks’ blog

A quick overview of NUnit tests – CodeProject

Windows Phone TDD Part 2: Working with Caliburn.Micro – CodeProject

The Deep Synergy Between Testability and Good Design on Vimeo

Independent Study :: El Fin | Derek Hammer

“The Clean Code Talks — Unit Testing” – YouTube


Mocks for Commands, Stubs for Queries

Implementing a Flowchart with SVG and AngularJS – CodeProject

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (16)

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Commentary on ‘Roman Numerals Kata with Commentary’ | F# for fun and profit

TDD and Refactoring with LEGO

Home – Chai

Programmers Without TDD Will be Unemployable by 2022 | Web Builder Zone

Workflows of Refactoring

The Transformation Priority Premise | 8th Light


Feelings Erased: Mocks are “breaking encapsulation”? Here’s why I disagree…

Getting Started · Arquillian Guides

Triangulation in Test-driven Development – YouTube

Visual Studio 2012: “Where is the Test Toolbar. Couldn’t find it anywhere” – Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Robert C. Martin – The Land that Scrum Forgot – YouTube

Mistaeks I Hav Made

Mistaeks I Hav Made: Visualising Test Terminology

Skills Matter : In The Brain of Carlos Ble: Behaviour-driven

Putting An Age-Old Battle To Rest – The Code Whisperer

Beyond Mock Objects – The Code Whisperer

Go Convey


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TDD: Links, News And Resources (15)

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Testing Your JavaScript with Jasmine | Nettuts

O’Reilly Webcast: TDD Web Development from Scratch with Python – YouTube

Test-Driven Web Development with Python

Obey the Testing Goat!


RubyTapas Freebie – Gem-Love Part 3 | Virtuous Code

Unit Testing “Hello World” – AngularJS Video Tutorial – @eggheadio

Test Driven Development (TDD) with Clojure – Mein(un)sinn



pytest: helps you write better programs
refactor testing tdd

Testing en la Conferencia Agile Spain 2.013

TDD With Python and Pylons – An Experiment in Scotch

test double | double takes | JavaScript Testing Tactics.

Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days – Day 2 – CodeProject

Testable JavaScript

Some great resources to begin learning node.js – barbarian meets coding

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