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NoSQL Resources

Thanks to ALT.NET Hispano community, I attended to a VAN (Virtual des-conference), past May 22th. The topic I presented was NoSQL. The Van was in Saturday, and at the next Monday, its video was published at::

VAN NoSQL (Spanish)

Now, this post is a list of resources I used to preparte my talk. First, the Spanish presentation can be downloaded from my Skydrive NoSqlVan2010.pptx

Resources about NoSQL:

A landscape in Wikipedia article.
A brief history of NoSQL interesanting the mention of Pick systems, I mentioned them in my presentation.
Java development 2.0: NoSQL an IBM introduction
NoSQL Architecture
MyNoSQL Active blog about NoSQL
NoSQL Databases – Part 1 – Landscape
NoSQL: scaling to size and scaling to complexity
What is NoSQL?
The NoSQL alternative
NoSQL Summer, list of papers
BASE: an Acid alternative
Errors in database systems, eventual consistency and the CAP theorem
Scalable Datastores: comparison nosql, and some scalable RDBMS
NoSQL el movimiento en contra de las bases de datos (Spanish)
Choosing a NoSQL data store according to your data set
John P. Wood NoSQL posts
Databases: relational vs object vs graph vs document
NoSQL: no necesitas ACID
NoSQL and SQL anti-patterns
Learning NoSQL from Twitters experience

About Eventual Consistency:

CAP Theorem
There is no free lunch with distributed data

About Google BigTable:

About Hypertable:
Hypertable NoSQL (pdf)

About Amazon Dynamo:

Amazon Dynamo (original paper)

About Cassandra:
Cassandra by example (Twitter alike one)
WTF is a supercolumn Cassandra model
Cassandra NoSQL Database
Apache Cassandra
NoSQL Live Dynamo derivatives: Cassandra
Tutorial: Getting started with Cassandra
NoSQL in Twitter
Twitter, Facebook and Cassandra, and Open Source
Cassandra and Twitter: interview with Ryan King
(Twitter is reviewing if they use or not NoSQL)

About Voldemort:
Voldemort design
The NoSQL that must not be named
Product project Voldemort Distributed Database

About CouchDB:
CouchDB Introduction
CouchDB Overview

About SimpleDB

About Redis
Twitter alike example
Add NoSQL Data Storage to your PHP development with Redis


Graph NoSQL

InfoQ: Graph NoSQL Neo4j
Graph databases: A special case of document databases

Related topics:

Scalability of the Hadoop distributed file system
MapReduce Hadoop algorithms in academic papers

About MongoDB:

NoSQL with MongoDB, NoRM, and ASP.NET, part 1
NoSQL with MongoDB, NoRM, and ASP.NET, part 2
Master Slave in MongoDB
Choosing a non relational database: Why we migrated from MySQL to MongoDb
MongoHQ – The cloud-based hosted database solution for MongoDB. MongoDB, VS2010, ASP.NET MVC, TDD, BDD example
On distributed consistency

The example I used in my talk, with MongoDB was inspired in the first article by Ted Neward:

Going NoSQL with MongoDB
Going NoSQL with MongoDB (Part 2)
Going NoSQL with MongoDB (Part 3)

Example code, very simple page with ASP.NET MVC, MongoDb (add the driver in libraries to the project)

For this example, I downloaded:

My links about these topics:

If you want presentations, tutorials, examples, reviews, try links like:

Keep tuned!

Angel "Java" Lopez