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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (79)

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Understanding Deep Learning Requires Rethinking Generalization

Data science competitions to save the world

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling?

Why it’s hard to design fair machine learning models

Getting Better at Machine Learning

What’s New in Deep Learning Research: How Google Uses Reinforcement Learning to Ask All the Right Questions

Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks

Fundamental Python Data Science Libraries: A Cheatsheet (Part 4/4)

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (78)

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NOAA Fisheries Steller Sea Lion Population Count

Face Recognition Algorithms

Nearest Neighbors with Keras and CoreML

Python Machine Learning Prediction with a Flask REST API

A Deep Dive into Reinforcement Learning

Schooling Flappy Bird: A Reinforcement Learning Tutorial

An easy introduction to Natural Language Processing

Neural Network Embeddings Explained

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (77)

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Use a Crowd Counting AI Model for your business

Counting people using video cameras

Use artificial intelligence to identify, count, describe wild animals

Real-Time People Counting system using Video Camera

HPC008 Camera People Counting

How does one count the people on a bus using artificial intelligence?

AI Could Transform the Science of Counting Crowds


Angel “Java” Lopez

Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (76)

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Weka 3: Data Mining Software in Java


Asociación de Trading Algorítmicos de Argentina

IBM’s new AI toolbox puts your deep learning network to the test

Accord.NET Framework

Rise Of China’s Big Tech In AI: What Baidu, Alibaba, And Tencent Are Working On

What is the best algorithm for face detection using opencv and raspberry camera module

Python library

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (75)

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Machine Learning Confronts the Elephant in the Room

New AI Strategy Mimics How Brains Learn to Smell

My attempt to understand the backpropagation algorithm for training neural networks

Bias in an Artificial Neural Network explained | How bias impacts training

Why is softmax activate function called “softmax”?

Why use softmax as opposed to standard normalization?


Artificial Neural Networks – The Rosenblatt Perceptron

Angel “Java” Lopez

Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (74)

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Concept Learning

An autonomous robot prototype using Concept Learning model

Language Modeling with Morphosyntactic Linguistic Wavelets

Del procesamiento de la lengua al razonamiento lingüístico: Morphosyntactic Linguistic Wavelets

Concept Learning

Concept Learning: The Stepping Stone Toward Machine Learning With Find-S

Concept learning for safe autonomous AI

Concept learning by example decomposition

Angel “Java” Lopez

Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (73)

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The topic today is understanding the human language (ie to understand a text, build a chatbot, generate articles…). I’m skeptical about a linguistic-centered approach. I prefer to have a world model. Some of these links mentions semantic network, but notably also frames, form MInsky’s ideas.

Natural Language Understanding with World Knowledge and Inference

Natural Language Processing for Programmers: World Models

The Two Paths from Natural Language Processing to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction Into Semantic Modeling for Natural Language Processing

4 Approaches to Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Approaches and Models for Applying Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Understanding: Foundations and State-of-the-Art

Probabilistic Models in Computational Linguistics

Angel “Java” Lopez