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Asynchronous Programming: Links, News and Resources (2)

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More links about Asynchronous Programming:

Node.js is Cancer

[nodejs] Re: Reaction to article: Node is Cancer

"async" support in node.js

Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await

InfoQ; Building Scalable Systems: an Asyncrhonous Approach

Progress Reporting in C# 5 Async

IanG on Tap: C# 5 Async Exception Handling

zlib implementation

A lightweight Web 3.0 framework for Scala, featuring a purely asynchronous architecture, extremely high-performance, massive scalability, high usability, and a functional, composable design.

Evented Ajax
An event driven replacement for $.ajax designed for use with non-blocking, evented backends (you know, stuff like NodeJS, EM, Twisted)

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript with "Promises"

Step, control-flow the node.js way

SignalR Demo

Using an Asynchronous Server Socket

Asynchronous server application framework for Clojure

Async clojure HTTP framework

The Netty project
The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid development of maintainable high performance & high scalability protocol servers & clients.

A general purpose framework that uses an asynchronous event based style for building highly scalable network or file system aware applications
Runs on the JVM.
Everything is asynchronous.
Embraces the style of node.js and extends it to the JVM. Think node.js *on steroids*. Plus some.

Asynchronous scalable web applications with real-time persistent long-running connections with SignalR

A full-featured and high-performance event loop that is loosely modelled after libevent, but without its limitations and bugs. It is used, among others, in the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet and rxvt-unicode packages, and in the Deliantra MORPG Server and Client.

Event-based fully asynchronous I/O library for C (used by IO::AIO). Currently in BETA!

Groovy++ in action: Gretty/GridGain/REST/Websockets

Reactor Pattern
The reactor design pattern is an event handling pattern for handling service requests delivered concurrently to a service handler by one or more inputs.

Proactor Pattern
Proactor is a software design pattern for Event handling in which long running activities are running in an asynchronous part. A Completion Handler is called after the asynchronous part has terminated. The proactor pattern can be considered to be an asynchronous variant of the synchronous reactor pattern.

The state of Axum: Isolation, Agents, and Message-passing in .NET

How GitHub Works: Be Asynchronous

Using node.js async library reminds me of continuations and monads

Tweaking WCF to build highly scalable async REST API

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Asynchronous Programming: Links, News and Resources (1)

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I’m researching about asynchronous programming (NodeJs, other servers and patters, the new async in C# 5, etc…). Some links to visit:

Reactor pattern – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Heroku | The New Heroku (Part 2 of 4): Node.js & New HTTP Capabilities

Using Threads to Build Asynchronous Handlers in Server Web Code

C# 5 – await and async in ASP.NET « I Came, I Learned, I Blogged

Await Keyword in C# 5 for Async Programming

C# 5 Async Support – Await Keyword

Coroutines with C# 5’s await — Logos Bible Software Code Blog

C# 5 Async, Part 1: Simplifying Asynchrony – That for which we await : Reed Copsey, Jr.

Using an Asynchronous Controller in ASP.NET MVC


SteveSanderson/ASP.NET-MVC-async-demos – GitHub

InfoQ: Rx: Curing Your Asynchronous Programming Blues

JavaScript: Unit testing asynchronous functions : Algorithms for the masses – julian m bucknall

Talk: The [Async] Future of VB and C#

Dynamic parallel async requests in MVC « Monty’s Gush

Proceso asincrónico en mvc con jquery

High Scalability – High Scalability – Is Node.js Becoming a Part of the Stack? SimpleGeo Says Yes.s

InfoQ: No Callbacks Required: StratifiedJS Returns Sequential Programming to Javascript

My thesis – building blocks of a scalable webcrawler

Back to (Parallel) Basics: Don’t Block Your Threads, Make Async I/O Work For You

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