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Blockchain: Links And Resources (399)

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Facebook Unveils Libra Cryptocurrency, Targeting 1.7 Billion Unbanked

Libra Developers Site

Joining the Libra Association

Libra Core Repository

Move: A Language With Programmable Resources

Move: A Language With Programmable Resources

Facebook releases plan for its Libra cryptocurrency to ‘meet the daily financial needs of billions of people’

Getting started with the new Facebook Libra programming language

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (398)

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Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know

Libra Whitepaper

Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency: A Technical Deep Dive

Libra White Paper Shows How Facebook Borrowed From Bitcoin and Ethereum

There’s a Second Token: A Breakdown of Facebook’s Crypto Economy

Libra: the Path Forward

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Wants to Take on Banks, Not Bitcoin

Facebook’s Libra White Paper Is Now Live

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (397)

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Solidity is Twice as Popular as the Next Blockchain Coding Language

AION Virtual Machine

Utreexo: A dynamic hash-based accumulator optimized for the Bitcoin UTXO set

DLSAG: Non-Interactive Refund Transactions For Interoperable Payment Channels in Monero

A2L: Anonymous Atomic Locks for Scalability and Interoperability in Payment Channel Hubs

Lelantus : Towards Confidentiality and Anonymity of Blockchain Transactions From Standard Assumptions

Lelantus: Zcoin’s next gen privacy protocol

Efficient Cryptographic Arguments and Proofs – Or How I Became a Fractional Monetary Unit

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (396)

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Blockchain & Digital Assets Primer

Ernest and Young Open-Sources ‘Nightfall’ Code for Private Transactions on Ethereum

The Land of the Free: Why Decentralization Matters in the Crypto Republic

Ethereum News and Links, June 1, 2019

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #49

Decentraland’s SDK v6.1 update lets users ‘Build more, and better’

Genesis Block: A New Product in the Mainframe Family

Woman in Blockchain | Education breeds Confidence

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (395)

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The Cutting Edge of Sidechains: Liquid and RSK

What is Ethereum?

Getting the most out of CREATE2

Public Blockchains Will be a Productivity Revolution Says EY on Launching Zk-Snarks For Ethereum

StarkDEX: Bringing STARKs to Ethereum

Justin Sun won the bid to have lunch with Warren Buffett, paying $4.57 million

Build on EOSIO

Scaling of Ethereum; Sharding Explained

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (394)

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Quadratic Programming

Will Private Blockchains Be Relevant in the Decentralized Future?

Tumblers according Buterin

On Decentralization. Part II

Automatically verify Truffle smart contracts on Etherscan

Aspiring Blockchain Node

Making Maker: May 2019

Microsoft Azure Now Supports RSK Smart Contracts

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (393)

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Cryptocurrency tumbler

Cryptocurrency Mixers and Why Governments May Want to Shut Them Down

Crypto Name Generator

Smart Contracts: Real-Life Use Cases

Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments from Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

Explaining SNARKs Part V: From Computations to Polynomials

Quadratic Span Programs and Succinct NIZKs without PCPs

Quadratic Arithmetic Programs

Angel “Java” Lopez