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Blockchain: Links And Resources (137)

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What the hell is blockchain?

5 Blockchain Developments Coming in 2018

How Ethereum Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Digital Asset Value

What is ChainLink? A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Oracles

Ethereum Classic Devs Aim to Address Scaling With Callisto Sidechain

January Dev Report | Ethereum Commonwealth

Scaling Bitcoin to One Billion Users, Part I


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Blockchain: Links And Resources (136)

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Trinity and Raiden – Scaling the NEO and Ethereum Blockchains

Raiden Network

What is the Raiden Network?

Here are the 10 sectors that blockchain will disrupt forever

The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market

Storj: Distributed Cloud Storage

Learning Machine
Empower your people with verifiable digital records

Why Your ICO Investment Is Going To Zero

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (135)

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Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum

El primer balneario del país en el que se puede alquilar carpa con bitcoins

HooFoo Wallet
The New Generation Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Proof of Stake: How I Learned to Love Weak Subjectivity

Formalizing distributed consensus

Down 14 Percent: Bitcoin Charts Bearish Amid Asia Concerns

Bitcoin Mining Fees Soar As China Crackdown Progresses

China plans to kill most of the world’s bitcoin mining operations

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (134)

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Goodbye ICOs, Hello TAOs? How Tokens Will Change in 2018

Beyond the Red Tape: The Path Ahead for Token Sales

Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrencies Will Come to a ‘Bad Ending’

Telegram’s $1.2 Billion ICO Could Be the Most Ambitious Token Sale Yet

Ethereum Price Highs Overshadow New Wave of Tech Issues

Drivechain: Enabling Bitcoin Sidechains

Bulletproofs: Efficient Range Proofs for Confidential Transactions

Tree Chains with Peter Todd

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (133)

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From Memecoin to Billion Dollar Player – Dogecoin Breaks $1 Bln

Man’s Life Savings Stolen from Hardware Wallet Supplied by a Reseller

Crypto Debit Card Providers Hit After Visa Cuts Ties With Issuer

Peer Review of Cardano’s Ouroboros

Week in Cardano Issue #1: Inaugural Edition

The Challenges of Building Ethereum Infrastructure

ETC interview with Charles Hoskinson – Whats next for ETC?

Electrum Bitcoin Wallets Were Vulnerable to Hackers for Two Years

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (132)

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Zuckerberg to Study Crypto in Quest to Fix Facebook

Roger Ver Debate vs Jameson Lopp about Bitcoin Cash on the Tom Woods Show

The hotel that became the world’s first business to accept Ada

Calling your first Smart Contract function with Web3 and Angular5

Keep an Eye Out for These Bitcoin Tech Trends in 2018

Estonian Enterprises Will Use the Ethereum Blockchain-Based TIME Token

03. Web3.js Tutorial – Attach a GUI to your Ethereum Smart Contract

04. Capturing Smart Contract Events in our User Interface (Solidity)

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (131)

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RSK Mines Its Genesis Block – Bitcoin Now Has an Ethereum-Like Smart Contracts Platform

Bitcoin Diamond/Super Bitcoin/BitCore: What You Need To Know

IOHK | Prof. Elias Koutsoupias, area leader, game theory.

Después de Paypal y Facebook, Peter Thiel apuesta fuerte al Bitcoin

How to call a contract method using the eth_call JSON-RPC API

Make Bitcoin Mining Transparent Again

Video: How ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Makes Sense of Crypto Assets

Building your own blockchain in R

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