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New book on Domain Driven Design

Tim McCarthy is preparing a new book, with code examples (great!) in .NET, implementing the Domain-Driven Design ideas, from Evans et al. The book is for Wrox Press, in the Problem-Design-Solution series; the title will be “”.NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution”.

It’s great news. We need more implementation examples of DDD ideas. Although DDD has a wide choice of implementations (at high level and details), it will be important the existence of source code and reference implementacion, to the adoption of this kind of solutions.

Meanwhile, you can download some code and slides from Tim presentations:

Talk on Domain Driven Design for the OC C#/VB.NET/Architecture User Groups

Talk on Domain Driven Design for San Diego .NET Developers Group

It’s interesting his implementation of a Composite Specification, and its use in repositories:

A Composite Specification Pattern Implementation in .NET 2.0


Angel “Java” Lopez

Source code examples: Java, ASP.NET, C Sharp, VB.Net, Spring, Hibernate…

I just discovered the site

It has lots of source code in Java, ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net. It has examples for Swing, Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, JavaServer Faces. It includes examples for JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, Dynamic HTML. It has applications of Patterns, JavaServer Faces, JavaServer Pages, DataSets, and… The list is big.

And book examples, like:

Spring Live



A lot of resources.

Angel “Java” Lopez

Dreaming in code

One of the mos interesting question on software development, is: Why is so hard? In my opinion, the creation of software is one of the most challenging human activities. One of the causes, is the different levels of abstractions that are needed. In a software project, you must master the big view, and pay attention to every detail.

A new book, Dreaming in code, try to explore the answers to that question

The author is Scott Rosenberg, one of the cofounder of  I don’t read the book yet, but it was comment by Joel Spolsky at his post Dreaming in code. According to Joel, Scott is an excellent writer, that knows how to understand the software development.

The book is about the story of one software project — Mitch Kapor’s Chandler, an ambitious, open-source effort to rethink the world of e-mail and scheduling, according to the book website.

Chandler, a PIM (Personal Information Manager), that Wired pointed years ago as “the Outlook killer”, is still under development.

Angel “Java” Lopez