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End Of Iteration 2013w39

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I’m preparing talks for October and November. My week work:


I added more page with interaction of PHP with Node.js (using sync dnode), and between the browser and Node.js (using

The dnode sample allows the store of data in Node.js, with CRUD page at PHP side.

The samples include: Travelling Saleman Problem using genetic algorithms (UI at browser, logic at Node.js). I will add a distributed sample too. And there is a distributed canvas page.


A simple bot with plugins in Node.js


Define a generic parser via C# code

Now, there is a simple calculator sample

More info, Spanish post.


My Lisp compiler to JavaScript. Adding the first methods and tests of parser


– I added simple Scala samples to
– Added ‘for’ support to PageJs
– Worked on two non-public projects

More fun is coming 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez