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Code Katas in JavaScript/Node.js using TDD

These past weeks, I was working in JavaScript/Node.js modules, using TDD at each step. Practice, practice, practice, the journey to mastery.

You can see my progress, reviewing the commits I did at each new test. This is a summary of that work:

CobolScript: See my posts, an implementation of COBOL as a compiler to JavaScript, having console program samples, dynamic web pages and access to Node.js modules. See web sample, using MySQL, and SimpleWeb.

SimplePipes: A way to define message-passing using ‘pipes’ to connect different defined nodes/functions. I want to extend it to have distributed process.

SimpleBoggle: Boggle solver, it is better than me! See console sample.

SimpleMemolap: Multidimensional OLAP-like processing, with in-memory model, and SimpleWeb site see sample:

SimpleChess: Work in progress, define a board using SimpleBoard, and make moves. I’m working on SimpleGo, too, to have a board, game, and evaluators.

SimpleRules: forward-chaing rule engine. I should add rule compilation to JavaScript. The engine works a la Rete-2, detecting the changes in the current state, and triggering actions.

SimpleScript: see post, my simple language, compiled to JavaScript. See posts. WIP.

Py2Script: Python language compiler to JavaScript, first step. WIP.

SimpleWeb: web middleware, a la Connect, with web sample.

BasicScript: My first steps to compile Basic to JavaScript. I want to use it to program and compile a game.

SimplePermissions: Today code kata. It implements subjects, roles, and permissions, granted by context.

SimpleFunc: Serialization of functions.

SimpleMapReduce: Exploring the implementation of a Map-Reduce algorithm.

SimpleTuring: Turing machine implentation.

Cellular: Cellular automata implementation, including a Game of Life console sample.

I will work on:

NodeDelicious: To retrieve my links from my Delicious account, now the site was revamped and no more pagination.

SimpleDatabase: In-memory database, maybe I will add file persistence.

SimpleSudoku: Rewrite of my AjSudoku solver, from scratch.

I’m having a lot of fun, as usual 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez