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September 6, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (19)

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Legacy – Chinook – World Man-Machine Checkers Champion

Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg

Pac-Man Turns 35 Today. So Here, Have Some Nostalgia | WIRED

What is the most bizarre startup that became successful that everyone had doubts about? – Quora

What are some programming languages that "are here to stay"? – Quora

Los "locos" de la Red: los pioneros que hace 25 años conectaron el país a Internet – 17.05.2015 –

Historia de la Tecnología: El lenguaje COBOL

Lessons from Steve Jobs on giving an unforgettable speech | Articles | Main

Did JavaScript evolve from another product or scripting language? – Quora

3 Really Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs |

The Queen Of Code | FiveThirtyEight

Wired 6.12: HotMale

McCarthy and the origins of LISP

Microsoft BASIC for 6502 Original Source Code [1978] |

Smalltalk: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | smalltalkrenaissance

Pat’sBlog: On This Day in Math – January 13

Duckspeak Vs Smalltalk | Dorophone

Computer History Museum | Exhibits | This Day in History: January 10

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August 13, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (18)

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Von Neumann had one piece of advice for us: not to originate anything. – High Scalability –

You can play nearly 2,400 classic MS-DOS games for free right now | The Verge

Longform Reprints: Playboy Interview: Steve Jobs by David Sheff

The Story of Siri, by its founder Adam Cheyer

Block I Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC): How to build one in your basement

Apollo 11: The computers that put man on the moon

Apollo Guidance Computer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hopper biography

Pixel Pioneers: A Brief History of Graphics, Part One – YouTube

Mega inanity | The Renaissance Mathematicus Joining the Mac Group

Computer Backgammon, by Hans J. Berliner

Backgammon Computer Program Beats World Champion, by Hans J. Berliner

The Art of Writing Software – YouTube

La intimidad del Silicon Valley, en fotos –

Happy 100th birthday Hedy Lamarr, the inventor who made the wireless internet possible

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June 13, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (17)

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Happy 100th birthday Hedy Lamarr, the inventor who made the wireless internet possible

The Hypercard Legacy

Oracle founder Larry Ellison resigns after 35 years as CEO | Technology |

Object Oriented Programming: A Critical Approach

(507) What is the most complex/significant program created by a single programmer? – Quora

(496) Who is considered to be the best programmer of all time? – Quora

Best Business Books To Read Fall 2014 – Business Insider

Randy Pausch – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

(492) What is a Lisp machine and what is so great about them? – Quora

Why Should I Care What Color the Bikeshed Is?

GoRuCo 2014 – What We Can Learn From COBOL by Andrew Turley – YouTube

Twitter ‘Buy Now’ Button Appears for First Time

Waterfall | Martín Alaimo | Agile Coach & Trainer

AKKA 5 Year Anniversary

The Mouse Trap: Raising Lazarus – The 20 Year Old Bug that Went to Mars

Guido van Rossum on the History of Python – YouTube

Google Glass and the Future of Technology –

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June 9, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (16)

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Talking with Mikel Evins about the Lisp-based Newton OS from Apple

I, Cringely The Decline and Fall of IBM – I, Cringely

You won’t believe how old TDD is | Arialdo Martini

20 Years of Beowulf Workshop Issues Call for Papers – insideHPC

The Golden Age of Basic – IEEE Spectrum

General Magic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scientific computing’s future: Can any coding language top a 1950s behemoth? | Ars Technica

Injected, Inspected, Detected, Infected, Neglected and Selected | The Weekly Squeak

The Origins of Linux – Linus Torvalds – YouTube

xerox :: parc :: techReports :: CSL-79-13 WFS A Simple Shared File System for a Distributed Environment : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Preliminary discussion of the logical design of an electronic computing instrument

In less than a decade, phone memory cards have grown from 128MB to 128GB | The Verge

Let Over Lambda

Un argentino ayudó a nacer al lenguaje Basic – 03.05.2014 –

How Steve Wozniak Wrote BASIC for the Original Apple From Scratch

Happy 50th Birthday, BASIC! – The Visual Basic Team – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

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June 3, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (15)

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Celebrating 50 years of BASIC

Smalltalk??? (2013/1/31)?????? – YouTube

PARC Movies – YouTube

Before Silicon Valley got nasty, the Pirates of Analog Alley fought it out | Ars Technica

Visual Programming Languages – Snapshots

The Birth & Death of JavaScript — Destroy All Software Talks

Memories of Steve

RailsConf 09: Robert Martin, “What Killed Smalltalk Could K – YouTube

Monad Manifesto

The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI | Enterprise | WIRED

The Oberon-07 language report is 17 pages

50 years of BASIC: Celebrating the programming language’s long, eventful life

Xv6, a simple Unix-like teaching operating system

Objects are Just Objects, Aren’t they? – Rick DeNatale – Ruby Conference 2010

How I Came to Write D | Dr Dobb’s

BBC News – Half-century milestone for IBM mainframes

S-expression – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Visual Smalltalk Brochure – a set on Flickr

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June 1, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (14)

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Contributions of Individual Programming Languages to Software Development | Javalobby

The Art of Atari: A celebration of game packaging’s golden age | Polygon

Conway’s Game Of Life in APL – YouTube

Why Language Designers Tolerate Undefined Behavior | Dr Dobb’s

Microsoft makes source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to public – The Official Microsoft Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

Emails From Eric Schmidt And Sergey Brin On Hiring Apple Workers – Business Insider

Systems Past: the only 8 software innovations we actually use – Technical Journal

Self: The Movie; – YouTube

Ruby Turns 21: 5 Major Milestones Of The Programming Language – ReadWrite

Douglas Lenat

artificial intelligence – How To Design Eurisko – Stack Overflow

Eurisko, The Computer With A Mind Of Its Own | Alicia Patterson Foundation

EURISKO – Lesswrongwiki

Let’s reimplement EURISKO! – Less Wrong

Eurisko – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James Iry’s history of programming languages (illustrated with pictures and large fonts) | The Quick Word

Robot Odyssey: The hardest computer game of all time.

_why: La historia de un genio post-moderno

Apple ‘1984’ Commercial Is 30 Years Old Today (VIDEO)

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May 30, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (13)

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Remembering Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl ad – O Say Can You See?

Starting January 24, 2014

The Mac Turns 30

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Scala Programming Language

Rasmus Lerdorf: A look at PHP 5.4 and 5.5 – YouTube – Open Source HyperCard-related stuff

25 years of HyperCard—the missing link to the Web | Ars Technica

Origins of Common UI Symbols

Screen shots of computer code: Photo

When Apple drops the ball: the gear that flopped | News | TechRadar


Alan Turing, Enigma Code-Breaker and Computer Pioneer, Wins Royal Pardon –

launch – Wikipedia’s forgotten founder Larry Sanger


PHP Manual Masterpieces

ComputerHistory – YouTube

Oral History of Adele Goldberg – YouTube


blog dds: 2013.12.11 – The Birth of Standard Error

Grace Hopper: Google doodle for creator of Cobol computer language – Mirror Online

Fast and Dynamic

DEFCON 19 (2011) – The History and Evolution of Computer Viruses – YouTube

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May 11, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (12)

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Alan Turing: The Enigma – A Book Review | Pointers Gone Wild

Google celebra a Grace Hopper en nuevo doodle – FayerWayer

Perl is Free Software’s COBOL, and That’s Ok! – Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )

Happy 18th Birthday JavaScript! A look at an unlikely past and bright future.

Computer History Museum | @CHM : Apple II DOS source code

Smalltalks 2007 to 2012 History – YouTube


Martín Salías – Arquitexturas: Un recorrido por la industria del software

8 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Twitter’s Chaotic Creation Story

The Roots of Lisp

Tail Recursion Elimination

Computing Power Used to Be Measured in ‘Kilo-Girls’ – Megan Garber – The Atlantic

Python Packaging User Guide — Python Packaging User Guide documentation

Incremental Plans to Improve Python Packaging — Nick Coghlan’s Python Notes 1.0 documentation

A history of Python packaging | Secret Weblog

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May 7, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (11)

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Turbo Pascal Compiler

Coding Horror: You Don’t Need Millions of Dollars

The History of Packets

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

Report: Top Microsoft Investors Lobbying for Bill Gates’ Resignation

The Memo That Spawned Microsoft Research

Alan Turing 101: A Lesson On The Father Of Computer Science – ReadWrite

‘Free Unix!’: The world-changing proclamation made 30 years ago today

Discipline in Thought – Part 1 of 3 – YouTube

The weight of code | The Endeavour

A Brief History of Lisp Machines

Multifile III – a set on Flickr

A Coder Interview With Mike Meinz – CodeProject

How did Bill Gates choose the name Microsoft? – Quora

The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It | Wired Opinion |

DSpace@MIT: Viewing Control Structures as Patterns of Passing Messages

Dennis Ritchie: The geek Prometheus –

Dawn of a revolution | Harvard Gazette

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April 29, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (10)

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The Web: a generation old, a link unexpected – GeekWire

A Visual History Of The Last 20 Years Of Open Source Code – ReadWrite

Hackers: de piratas de la Red a activistas de la democracia – 15.09.2013 –

A Hacker’s Life // Speaker Deck

Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2013 |

Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages – YouTube

La NSA llama a Steve Jobs “Gran Hermano” y a los clientes de Apple, “zombis”

Bjarne Stroustrup – The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14 | GoingNative 2013 | Channel 9

Self: The Movie; – YouTube

John Sculley spills the beans on firing Steve Jobs | Apple – CNET News

Let it crash • Where Akka Came From

Node’s Unicode Dragon


An Oral History Of Apple Design: 1992 | Co.Design | business + design


The Evolution of the Web

E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The Humble Programmer (EWD 340)

Women in computing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of the punch card – Reference from

From punchcards to Siri: The history (and future) of input devices – Slideshow | ExtremeTech

What Computers Still Can’t Do: A Critique of Artificial Reason: Hubert L. Dreyfus: 9780262540674: Books

Classification of the principal programming paradigms

Linus’s Famous Email |

Deleting Ada Lovelace from the history of computing | The Ada Initiative

References for “The Future of Programming”

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