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Ember: Links and Resources (1)

Ember.js is an open-source client-side JavaScript web application frameworkbased on the model-view-controller (MVC) software architectural pattern. It allows developers to create scalable single-page applications[1] by incorporating common idioms and best practices into a framework that provides a rich object model, declarative two-way data binding, computed properties, automatically-updating templates powered by Handlebars.js, and a router for managing application state.[2]

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Building Web Apps with Ember.js

Ember.js – A web framework for the future!

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Testing Ember.js Applications

A List of Foundational JavaScript Tools

Building URL-Driven Web Apps with Ember.js

Tom Dale on Ember and JavaScript Frameworks

Ember-Data, the Way Forward

Ember.js Advanced Patterns

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ng-embereño: Angular.js from the perspective of Ember.js – Google Drive

Productive Out-of-the-Box with Ember.js | An Ember.js beginners tutorial

Guide: Asynchronous side-effects in testing – Ember.JS

The 10 hottest JavaScript framework projects

Ember without Ember Data – Evil Trout’s Blog

Mark Watson’s blog: Small example app using Ember.js and Clojure + Compojure + Noir

Ember.js and Rails, Part 1: Rails Setup – zhubert

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