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Blockchain: Links And Resources (225)

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The First Open-Source Smart Contract Platform to be Started by Rootstock

Summary of Ethereum Upgradeable Smart Contract R&D

Rootstock (RSK) Smart Contract Platform Launches a Public Dapp Development Service

Smart Contracts for Dummies

Smart Contracts: The Blockchain Technology That Will Replace Lawyers

List of awesome platforms for smart contracts

IOTA (MIOTA) the best blockchain yet?

The Wired Guide to Blockchain

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (223)

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DAppNode: The Infrastructure for the Decentralized World

Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and IBM are testing blockchain-powered bank transfers

Taproot, and Schnorr, and SIGHASH_NOINPUT, oh my!

The Code is Here — Announcing Enigma Testnet 1.0 Release!

Schnorr Signature
This document proposes a standard for 64-byte Schnorr signatures over the elliptic curve secp256k1

Blockchain Could Help Fix Proxy Voting Problems

Facebook Has a New Director of Engineering for Blockchain

Basic Blockchain Lingo Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (222)

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Blockchain Cuties Introduces First Ever Own Game Wallet in the Industry

Blockchain hailed as next frontier

Singapore company turns to blockchain to improve food security

Waves’ Efficient and Low-Cost Blockchain is Optimized For Airdrops

How Blockchain Is Reshaping The Advertising and Media Spaces

Sidechains: Why These Researchers Think They Solved a Key Piece of the Puzzle

IOHK Launches Cardano Blockchain; Ada Now Trading on Bittrex

Proofs of Proofs of Work with Sublinear Complexity

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (221)

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Japan’s Economic Elixir?

What is a blockchain developer and how do you become one?

Tokenized Securities Are Not Secured By Delaware Blockchain Amendments

Big Insurers Are Uniting Behind R3’s Blockchain Tech

President of Uzbekistan Signs Decree on Blockchain Integration, Tax Exclusions for Crypto

Malta Passes Blockchain Bills Into Law, ‘Confirming Malta as the Blockchain Island’

Summer Blues or Crypto Moon? Take CoinDesk’s State of Blockchain Survey

Blockchain and Cannabis Industries Together can Clear Regulatory Hurdles

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (220)

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How to explain blockchain in plain English

Blockchain in action: 5 interesting examples

No Industry Immune To Blockchain Technology, Not Even The Electricity World

Why Blockchain May Not Be the Best Tool for Energy Trading

China’s Xi hates Bitcoin, but not blockchain

Russian Military Embraces Blockchain to Fight Hackers

‘Secret Contracts’ Developer Engima Launches Test Blockchain

VeChain Launches Official Thor Blockchain, Token Swap Coming Mid-July

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (219)

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What are sidechains?

Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains

Drivechains vs Sidechains

Difference Between SideChains and State Channels

What is a sidechain?

The Drivechain OpCode

New opcode OP_COUNT_ACKS

Sidechains, Drivechains, and RSK 2-Way peg Design

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (218)

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Ethereum Name Service progress update, mid 2018

How to explain blockchain in plain English

ERC: Crypto Item Standard #1155

EOSIO Bug Bounty Program

Why the SEC Should Have a Debate With John McAfee

The Yes Votes Are In: EOS Blockchain to Launch Imminently

iExec Blockchain-Based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing

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