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New Month’s Resolutions: February 2019

It’s time to write down my resolutions for the new month. But first, a review of the past month’s ones:

– Continue WorldModel [pending]
– Continue Erlie [complete] see repo
– Continue Walang [complete] see repo
– Continue robotsim [complete] see repo
– Continue Elmie [pending]
– Continue PokerLib [pending]
– Continue SimpleNeuron [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue Dexert [pending]
– Continue EthBridge [complete] see repo
– Continue SolidityCompiler [pending]
– Continue Idener [complete] see repo
– Record a talk about Smart Contracts programming [pending]
– Write experimental code for RskJ [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working:

– Start simpledfs [complete] see repo
– Continue HuskyJS [complete] see repo
– Start EthPets [complete] see repo
– Start EthCollectibles [complete] see repo
– Improve ChineseP [complete] see repo
– Publishing PFuns, first version [complete] see repo
– Improving RskAPI [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleJsonRpc [complete] see repo
– Improving SimpleUnit [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue simpledfs
– Continue Erlie
– Continue Walang
– Continue robotsim
– Continue Elmie
– Continue SimpleNeuron
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue Dexert
– Continue EthBridge
– Continue Idener
– Record a talk about Smart Contracts programming
– Write experimental code for RskJ

Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (25)

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Benchmarks: GHCJS (Reflex, Miso) & Purescript (Pux, Thermite, Halogen)

Library for creating tagged constructors.

Lisp In Less Than 200 Lines Of C

Greenspun’s tenth rule’s_tenth_rule

Pragmatic, balanced FP in JavaScript
@FLJSBook on twitter.

Compose Conference – Modularity and Abstraction in Functional Programming

LambdaConf 2015 – How to Learn Haskell in Less Than 5 Years Chris Allen

LambdaConf 2015 – Modeling Data in Haskell for Beginners Chris Allen

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (24)

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Monotonicity Types

Language, engine, and tooling for expressing, testing, and evaluating composable language rules on input strings.

Functional Programming Jargon

Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers

Redoing Make – Haskell from Scratch #1

Circulo de Aprendizaje: Functional Programming-TypeScript sesión 2

Javascript Monad and Monad Transformer Collection


Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (23)

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Haskell Reflex

Haskell Concur

Haskell to JavaScript compiler, based on GHC

Haskell: difference between . (dot) and $ (dollar sign)

A strongly-typed functional programming language that compiles to JavaScript

Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Programming

Functional Reactive Animation
Conal Elliott and Paul Hudak

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (22)

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Objects, Identity, and Concept-formation

Javascript to Elm

Category Theory For Programmers I – Monoids

Category Theory for Programmers: The Preface

Software Foundations
The Software Foundations series is a broad introduction to the mathematical underpinnings of reliable software.

Verified Functional Algorithms

David Spivak – Category Theory – Part 1 of 6 – λC 2017

Classic Papers in Programming Languages and Logic

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (21)

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Introduction to Elm

A Farewell to Functional Reactive Programming

Elm Programming

Elm in Action

Functional Programming in Haskell: Supercharge Your Coding

Functional Works Block

Rolling your Own Blockchain in Haskell

Mental Models or Real-World-Metaphors for Functional Programming

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

New Month’s Resolutions: October 2017

The end of new year is near. It’s time to write down my list of resolutions for a new month. Review of the previous month ones:

– Continue Yasold
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Continue BlockchainSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue ChineseP [complete] see repo
– Continue TensorSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue SimpleTensor [complete] see repo
– Continue WikiExpert [pending]
– Continue Neurum [pending]
– Continue LLLJS [pending]
– Continue Elmie [pending]

Additionally, I worked on

– Improving RustScript [complete] see repo
– Improving BInte [complete] see repo
– Started simpleevm, Ethereum Virtual Machine in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Improving SolidityCompiler [complete] see repo
– Writing EvmHook [complete] see repo
– Writing SimpleAbi [complete] see repo
– Improving RSharp [complete] see repo
– Improving EthSharp [complete] see repo
– Starting smartie, a new smart contract language compiler/transpiler [complete] see repo

My new resolutions are

– Continue smartie
– Continue simpleevm
– Continue BInte
– Continue Yasold
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue BlockchainSharp
– Continue ChineseP
– Continue TensorSharp
– Continue SimpleTensor
– Continue Elmie

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez