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Git: Links, News And Resources (12)

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New in Cordova 6: App Templates using Git — Modus Create: Front End Development — Medium

linux – How can I update to a newer version of Git using apt-get? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Docker: Git for deployment

Git – Reset Demystified

Learn the workings of Git, not just the commands

Gregory Szorc’s Digital Home | Notes from Facebook’s Developer Infrastructure at Scale F8 Talk’s-developer-infrastructure-at-scale-f8-talk/

Git Workflow Guide with Examples for Pros | Toptal

Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients

StackStorm | Leaders in Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

10 Kickass Technologies Modern Developers Love

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Git: Links, News And Resources (11)

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Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git | Steven Edouard

Welcome to the Waliki’s demo site | Waliki

GitHub Fork, Fix, Pull Request | Cocoanetics

Git 2.1 Released: What’s New

Share your code in Git

Curso de GIT, el más popular sistema de control de versiones (video-mejorado) – YouTube

Checkout remote Git branch – Stack Overflow

“Merge pull request” Considered Harmful | Spreedly Blog

Primera reunión del grupo de usuarios de git | Aprende GIT

Code School – Try Git

Git Magic – Preface


Geeky Theory | De geeks para geeks

How to install git 1.8.4 and git client on linux centOS 6.4 / RHEL6 « Rajiv Sharma

Learn Git – Learn Version Control with Git

Google Cloud Platform Blog: Using GitHub for Push-to-Deploy

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Git: Links, News And Resources (10)

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Git Branching for Agile Teams (webinar) – YouTube

Explain Git with D3


Having a hard time understanding git-fetch – Stack Overflow

Git: Cannot see new remote branch – Stack Overflow

Git Source Code Review

Explain Git with D3



most influential github users by location | Nodejitsu Inc.

Using A Single Git Repository For Multiple Heroku Projects | :derick_bailey

Understanding Git


preciosa/ at develop · mgaitan/preciosa

Configuring Jenkins continuous integration server to work with Git | Labs | UVD

gitsh: A dedicated shell for Git commands – SD Times: Software Development News

creationix/js-git at legacy

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Git: Links, News And Resources (9)

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JS Git by Tim Caswell — Kickstarter


Git.js: A Git Implementation in Pure JavaScript – ReadWrite



Windows Azure Website Staging Feature and GitHub Integration

How to avoid relying on github: mirror your repository | Dean Clatworthy

smallworks: Why I’m using git in my Pharo projects

git add -p: The most powerful git feature you’re not using yet

A successful Git branching model »

Simple Git workflow is simple – Atlassian Blogs

Google’s vs Facebook’s Trunk Based Development – Paul Hammant’s blog

Introducción a Git

Are Git and Mercurial Anti-Agile? | Evolvable MeEvolvable Me

The essence of branch-based workflows | Atlassian Blogs

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Git: Links, News And Resources (8)

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Learn Git Branching

node_modules in git


Git Tutorials and Training | Atlassian

Code Review Like You Mean It

A Git client with editing for the iPad and iPhone

Conversational Git – Conversational Git

Tim Caswell on the development of JS-Git | the pluralsight blog

HTML Slidy (1)

HTML Slidy (1)

everything I know about git

git concepts simplified

GitList – An elegant and modern git repository viewer

Git: Combine and Organize Messy Commits Using Interactive Rebase – CodeProject

Feature Branch Workflow | Atlassian Git Tutorial!workflow-feature-branch

Git is good for devs, but here are 5 tips on making the transition — Tech News and Analysis

How to fetch all git branches – Stack Overflow

Can “git pull –all” update all my local branches? – Stack Overflow

Effective pull requests and other good practices for teams using github | commandlinefu, git | by David Winterbottom

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Git: Links, News And Resources (7)

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Trucos git – YouTube

git – la guía sencilla

Useful GitHub patterns | Quick People Blog

Create a new branch with git and manage branches · Kunena/Kunena-Forum Wiki

Git – Rebasing

Practical Git for Smalltalk

Understanding the Git Workflow

Kernel development // Speaker Deck

blog dds: 2013.06.19 – How to Create Your Own Git Server

creationix/js-git · GitHub
A JavaScript implementation of Git

Microsoft embraces open-source Git for development tools – Network World

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Git: Links, News And Resources (6)

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Put your new coding skills to work building a better world | Skillcrush

Git Reference

Version Control: Git vs SVN

Resources For Learning Git

Why your company shouldn’t use Git submodules | Coding Killed the Cat

When to do git merging or rebasing « Senko’s Blog


Aprende GIT | Información y experiencias sobre el uso de git

Consejos y trucos en Git | Jesús L.C.

7 Version Control Systems Reviewed | Smashing Magazine

Diff Before Commit: A Best Practice | Sebastian Durandeu

Git – Submodules

Git – Flujos de trabajo distribuidos

JS Git by Tim Caswell — Kickstarter

Implementing a Git HTTP Server – The Imaginary Road

Git merge vs. rebase

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