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November 23, 2014

Git: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Git Branching – Basic Branching and Merging

codeq ( ‘co-deck’) is a little application that imports your Git repositories into a Datomic database, then performs language-aware analysis on them, extending the Git model down from the file to the code quantum (codeq) level, and up across repos.

How to make your first Node.js pull request

GIT y GITHUB, Primeros Pasos

I Believe in Gittip

Try GitHub – Aprender GIT en 10 minutos

Video: Desarrollando en Node.js desde Mac OS y desplegando en Azure Web Sites

Trying to fix line-endings with git filter-branch, but having no luck

tjanczuk / git-azure
Deploy multiple node.js applications to Windows Azure from MacOS using Git

Practical Git for Smalltalk


Think like (a) Git

Pro Git
The entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and published by Apress, is available here

Repository Structure and Python

Lighting fast, zero-downtime deployments with git, capistrano, nginx and Unicorn Moving to Git

Using Git and GitHub to host and manage Cuis code

The coolest merge EVER!
by Linus Torvalds

Top 10 Git Tutorials for Beginners

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April 20, 2012

Git: Links, News And Resources (3)

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More links about this Distributed Version Control System

Moving Projects from Google Code to GitHub

GitFAQ – Mono

Creating a svn.authorsfile when migrating from subversion to git

Git with Dropbox – Stack Overflow

dalehenrich / filetree
Monticello repository for directory-based Monticello packages enabling the use of git, svn, etc. for managing Smalltalk source code.

Practical Git for Smalltalk

Git Book – Ignoring files

Git vs Mercurial: Why Git?

Git: the NoSQL database –
We all know that Git is pretty amazing. It’s fast, reliable, flexible, and it keeps our project history safely nuzzled in it’s cozy object database while we sleep soundly at night. But I’m curious to see if it can be used for more than code.

libgit2 / libgit2sharp
.NET bindings for libgit2

Version Control Reinvigorated: From SVN to Git and GitHub |

git – the simple guide – no deep shit!

Using NuGet without committing packages

InfoQ: Code2Cloud: Automating The Whole Software Dev/Deploy Cycle
Ryan Slobojan presents Code2Cloud used to automatically set up a number of tools useful for development and deployment: Hudson, Git, task repository, wiki, Cloud Foundry Deployment Services and Maven.

Astonishments, ten, in the history of version control

Setting up .gitignore for java web appplications on windows
Just like CVS has .cvsignore and SVN has .svnignore files, git has a way to ignore certain resources by using a .gitignore file. This post will show you how to use git’s ignore features to avoid committing certain files.

Deploying Node.js Applications to Windows Azure via Blobs or Git Sync
A few weeks ago at the Future of Web Apps London (great conference, by the way!), I gave a presentation about how to get the most out of a cloud platform. At the end of the talk, I showed a brief demo of (source on GitHub), a Node.js app deployed in Windows Azure.

10 tutoriales sobre Git para principiantes

Top 10 Git Tutorials for Beginners

How to Get the Most out of Git
Git has become the programming world’s most popular version control system–at least that’s what surveys conducted by Microsoft Corp. suggest. While there are abundant write-ups already available for new users and administrators, from tutorials to descriptions of clever merge workflows, I still often encounter a few missteps in basic version control naming and layout.

Moving Files from one Git Repository to Another, Preserving History
If you use multiple git repositories, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll want to refactor some files from one project to another.
Move directory 1 from Git repository A to Git repository B.
Git repository A contains other directories that we don’t want to move.
We’d like to perserve the Git commit history for the directory we are moving.

From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds <at>>
Subject: The coolest merge EVER!
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.version-control.git

Primeros pasos en Git: Creación y gestión de repositorios

Open Source (Almost) Everything
If you do it right, open sourcing code is great advertising for you and your company. At GitHub we like to talk publicly about libraries and systems we’ve written that are still closed but destined to become open source.

Ramificaciones e integración de cambios en Git

What’s the best CRLF handling strategy with git?

Deploying A Web Application with Git and FTP (2009)

Git Tutorial

GitHub:Help Remotes

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November 17, 2011

Git: Links, News and Resources (2)

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More links about Git, the distributed revision control system:

Creating a documentation system – Part 1

Git ready: pushing and pulling

Git Immersion
Git Immersion is a guided tour that walks through the fundamentals of Git, inspired by the premise that to know a thing is to do it.

WebMatrix, Git, and AppHarbor

Merge recursive strategy

Git Magic


Git Is Simpler Than You Think

Got Git? HOWTO git and github

Git pull certain branch from github

Push and Pull Branches In Git

GitJungle (beta)

Git Internals

Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub

Topic Branches
A “topic” branch is a separate branch that you use when working on a single “topic” (a bug fix, a new feature, or an experimental idea). Working on a topic branch instead of directly on top of “master” is recommended because…

Fork A Repo

Send pull requests

How GitHub Works: Be Asynchronous

Git.js: A Git Implementation in Pure JavaScript

Martin Fowler: SemanticConflict

Announcing Git Support for Google Code Project Hosting

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July 27, 2011

Git: Links, News, Resources (1)

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I’m used to be an SVN guy. This year, I started to use Git in customer projects, and now I have some of my personal projects at GitHub. These are some of the links I collected about Git.

Git is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed.[3] Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server. Git’s current software maintenance is overseen by Junio Hamano. Git is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

Pro Git – Pro Git Book
How to use git without rage

C# Development and TDD: Combining TDD kata with git branching and merging

A few git tips you didn’t know about

An Intro to Distributed Version Control | I am Zef

If Version Control Systems were Airlines | The Changelog

Git Community Book

Easy version control with git

Persistent Trees in git, Clojure and CouchDB « EclipseSource Blog

Git’s guts: Branches, HEAD, and fast-forwards

Git guts: Merging and rebasing

YouTube – Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

Git Evangelism

git-fundamentals-in-30-minutes-or-less.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Git for Computer Scientists

Git Evangelism: Branch remotos en git, dos pasos

Start a New Branch on your Remote Git Repository | Zorched / One-Line Fix

Help.GitHub – Import from Subversion

Git for Personal Projects | Javalobby

Trabajando con GIT, introducción al uso de los branch y git-completion.bash

Git On Windows Plain Introduction

Fukyo’s Blog: Git For Windows Developers

How I Turned Down $300,000 from Microsoft to go Full-Time on GitHub

Git is Inconsistent

Git tooling for .NET developers – Krzysztof Kozmic – – Just the Tasty Bits

A successful Git branching model

Mercurial as a Git client | IDisposable Thoughts

Git vs. Mercurial

Working with Remote Branches on GitHub

Why is Git telling me “Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 11 commits.” and how do I get it to stop?

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