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New Month’s Resolutions: December 2019

The last month of the year is here. First, a review of the previous month’s resolutions:

– Continue RLie [complete] see repo
– Continue Erlie [pending]
– Continue BelJS [complete] see repo
– Continue Walang [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Give a talk about Blockchain and Smart Contracts [complete]
– Continue evmcompiler [pending]
– Continue selang [pending]
– Continue solcom [complete] see repo
– Continue EthRlp [pending]
– Continue EthMeta [pending]
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves [complete]
– Continue Learning Rust [pending]
– Continue Learning Golang [pending]
– Continue EthSwap [pending]
– Continue RskAPI [pending]

Also, I was working on:

– Give a talk about building a blockchain in Java using TDD [complete]
– Continue JPyScript [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue JPyScript
– Continue RLie
– Continue BelJS
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Continue evmcompiler
– Continue selang
– Continue solcom
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves
– Continue EthSwap
– Continue RskAPI

Angel “Java” Lopez


End Of Iteration 2013w43

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The week was dedicated to prepare and give a talk, and prepare this week next talk.


My Python to JavaScript transpiler, written using JavaScript. It runs on node.js and browser.

It can use Node.js modules using import, and it can run Python scripts in the browser.

I gave a talk at PyCon Argentina 2013. My slides at:


My Smalltalk-like VM in bytecodes and JavaScript, written in JavaScript.

Now, I can use Node.js modules, run in server and browser. Example:

I was working in minor refactoring of:

And I was working on two non-public projects: one in C#, in-memory OLAP, and another one in Java, with agile team.

This week I will give a talk about my Smalltalk implementations at Smalltalks 2013 Argentina:

More fun is coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

End Of Iteration 2013w42

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The past week was dedicated to two non-public projects, and prepare of my next talks.


Inspired by a work by @darachennis  ( I wrote a simpler implementation of beams (piped message processors

I should write the, but the tests are self-explanatory. A beam receives messages and emit messages. It can have a filter function, filtering the message to process. And a transform function, that can emits new messages.


It compiles a Python-like language to JavaScript. The compiler is written in JavaScript

Notable, I can write controllers in Python for Express web apps. See samples


My Smalltalk VM in JavaScript. Using JavaScript, it compiles Smalltalk fileouts to bytecodes. It started to compile directly to JavaScript code, instead of only bytecodes.

It can run from Node.js, and from the browser, too.

I worked on two non-public projects, one using C# with Visual Studio 2010, and other using Java, with Maven, Eclipse, JBoss 5.x

This week I will give a talk at Python Argentina 2013

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez