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JSON: Links, News, and Resources (1)

JSON is the new XML “done right”. It’s everywhere and with the proliferation of new devices and Javascript in many platforms (even server side), this standard is the ubiquitous message format. These are some of the links I found useful.

JSON (pronounced /ˈdʒeɪsən/), or JavaScript Object Notation, is a lightweight text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. It is derived from theJavaScript scripting language for representing simple data structures and associative arrays, called objects. Despite its relationship to JavaScript, it is language-independent, with parsers available for most languages.

The JSON format was originally specified by Douglas Crockford, and is described in RFC 4627. The official Internet media type for JSON is application/json. The JSON filename extension is .json.

The JSON format is often used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network connection. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, serving as an alternative to XML.

-Flexible JSON serializer to convert .NET objects to JSON and back again
-LINQ to JSON for manually reading and writing JSON
-High performance, faster than .NET’s built-in JSON serializers
-Writes indented, easy to read JSON
-Convert JSON to and from XML
-Supports Silverlight and Windows Phone

Understanding JSON: the 3 minute lesson

hhariri / EasyHttp
An easy to use HTTP client that supports:
Dynamic and Static Typing
XML, JSON and WWW-Url form encoded encoding/decoding
File upload both via PUT and POST (multipart/formdata)
Some other neat little features….

JSONView is an extension that helps you to parse and view JSON documents

Parsing JSON with Newspeak
In this post I’m going to show a JSON parser written using the Newspeak parser combinator library.

JSON Serialization on Windows Phone 7

Which JSON parser works on Windows Phone 7?

Sending/Parsing multiple JSON objects

Using C# 4.0 and dynamic to parse JSON

Intro To Backbone.js: How A Winforms Developer is At Home In Javascript

Json viewer

Objectify for Mac.
Objectify is a Mac® application for Objective-C developers that creates Cocoa class implementations from JSON. Whether you’re working with web services or building everyday classes, Objectify’s here to save you time.

REST services with MVC
First of all, you might be wondering why would I create a REST service with MVC when I can use WCF 4.0, WCF Starter Kit Preview 2 (deprecated), or even the new WCF Web APIs. The short answer is, because websites are, in practice, RESTful. So MVC has some interesting built in support for REST. So when thinking about MVC as a framework for REST services, we could actually ask ourselves “why not?”.

How to pass a nested JavaScript object to ASP.NET MVC Action Method?

Building Epic Win With Backbone.js

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.

Microsoft remakes WCF for REST and the web

Json.NET 4.0

Strata Gems: CouchDB in the browser
RESTful JSON API — rather than requiring programming language-specific bindings, CouchDB can be accessed over HTTP, with JSON used as the data format

Welcome to the WCF community site!

JVM Serializers Benchmarks
Including many Json serializares

Turning JSON into a ExpandoObject

Build a simple JSON controller for your web project
At some point, your project might expand beyond your normal PHP/MySQL comfort level.
Consider putting a RESTful JSON controller into your project and using it as a virtual "traffic cop" that sends requests to and accepts responses from your data source.
This article covers the basics of REST and JSON, and shows you one method of setting up the controller. The result is an easy method of data retrieval from a source in a standardized format that you can easily parse with either PHP or JavaScript code.

JSonduit is a service that can turn practically anything on the web into a JSON feed that any website or mobile app can consume. A JSON conduit, if you will.

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