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Blockchain: Links And Resources (318)

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Quantum Threat

RIF Labs Announces RSK Name Service For Public Use

Constantinople enables new Reentrancy Attack

Security Alert: Ethereum Constantinople Postponement

Remediations for EIP-1283 reentrancy bug

Ensuring Smart Contract Security

What to Expect When ETH’s Expecting

Ethereum node based on py-evm

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (317)

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Tookens and RSK

Bitfinex introduces trading for RSK Infrastructure Framework

RIF OS Documentation

La plataforma cripto que quiere enviar donaciones a Venezuela

Ethereum [ETH]’s major factor is its application, says Pompliano

The Thirdening: What You Need To Know

ChronoLogic to Launch Scheduling Technology on RSK Network

LiveSession: ChronoLogic meets RSK — Jan 15th, 1 P.M. ET

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (316)

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What to Expect When Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Happens

Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade Announcement

Ethereum Classic’s Price Stumbles Amid Suspected 51% Attack

Security Firm Asks Exchanges to Help It Find Ethereum Classic ‘Attacker’

Grayscale Assures Investors: Ethereum Classic Trust Funds Not at ‘Direct Risk’

The analysis of ETC 51% attack from SlowMist Team

Ethereum Classic is 51% ATTACKED – Programmer explains

Ethereum Classic ($ETC) was 51% attacked

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (91)

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6 Tools from Intel to Speed up Deep Neural Networks

How to build a neural network to fill the missing part of a handwritten digit using GANs

Announcing ML.NET 0.9 – Machine Learning for .NET

Google DeepMind’s Deep Q-learning playing Atari Breakout

Have you seen an idea for organizing ML projects that you’d like to share with others? If so please reply to this tweet!

First machine learning method capable of accurate extrapolation

Artificial Intelligence in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js

Quiero trabajar en Big Data y no sé por dónde empezar

Angel “Java” Lopez


Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (90)

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Dive into Deep Learning

Machine Learning in Excel

Face Recognition

The Guardian: Face Recognition

20 Facial Recognition Search Engines For Online Photo Search

8 Best Facial Recognition Search Engines to Search Faces Online

Robots and Millennials: Joining Forces To Change The Future of Work

Tools to Help Optimize Deep-Learning Performance

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Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (89)

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Language Understanding (LUIS)

Natural Language for Developers

Watson Natural Language Understanding

Face Recognition

Apple’s New iPads Embrace Facial Recognition

Learning Invariant Deep Representation for NIR-VIS Face Recognition

How Facial Recognition Systems Work

Luxand FaceSDK

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Blockchain: Links And Resources (315)

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One-Year Anniversary of the First Bitcoin Sidechain from RSK Lab’s RSKSmart Mainnet: Recap

Ethereum (ETH) Developers Plan to Implement ASIC-Resistant Proof of Work Mining Algorithm

A Look Back at 2018: The Year of Enterprise Ethereum

Key Blockchain Scaling Talking Points at the Ethereum Developer Conference in Prague

Build a Decentralized Domain Name System (DDNS) on Top of Ethereum

The Bitcoin Second Layer

Ethereum Explained: Merkle Trees, World State, Transactions, and More

ZKSNARKs Plasma ETH Scaling Solution of 500 Tx/s Launched on Testnet

Angel “Java” Lopez