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February 4, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (10)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More updated links at end.

CLJSJS – Use Javascript Libraries in Clojurescript With Ease — Martin Klepsch

Building a System in Clojure and ClojureScript by Matthias Nehlsen

ClojureScript Cheatsheet

(Nearly) Getting Started with ClojureScript – O! Mr Speaker!

C2: Clojure(Script) data visualization

Reagent • TodoMVC


Exploring the Clojurescript REPL – Alex Eberts



Javascript Libraries packaged for Clojurescript


Firebase and Clojure(Script) Part Two – Adding Facebook Authentication in 3 Easy Steps

Quick Start · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 29, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (9)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More links at end.


Compiler Options · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Rationale · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Life with Dynamic Typing

Differences from Clojure · clojure/clojurescript Wiki


Make :foreign-libs more useful – Clojure JIRA

Clojure Ants in ClojureScript Demo | Cool Pacific

Running REPLs · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

The Old Way, The New Way

The Essence of ClojureScript Redux


Browserless ClojureScript

ClojureScript Tutorial

basic setup for cljs.test

A farewell note to a programming language – Matthias Nehlsen

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January 28, 2016

ECMAScript 6: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Intro to ECMAScript 6 and Angular 2 for Ionic Developers | HTML5 Mobile Tutorials | Ionic, Phaser, Sencha Touch & PhoneGap

ThinkJS – use full ES6/7 features to develop Node.js applications

The Future of Node is in Microsoft’s Fork

Learn ECMAScript6 by doing it

Six Steps for Approaching the Next JavaScript

systemjs/systemjs · GitHub

Understanding Ionic 2: Class – Andrew McGivery


Authoring JavaScript modules with ES6

Exploring ES6

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 27, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (8)

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Some links about ClojureScript. More links at end.

Clojure to ClojureScript compiler in Ruby

New clojurescript template

Autotesting ClojureScript




Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome,-or-Why-React-is-Awesome

Om interop with 3rd party JS libs · Robert Stuttaford, Clojure Enthusiast

Building an iOS weather app with Angular and ClojureScript

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 20, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (6)

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Historical links about ClojureScript. More links at end.

Tao enables two-way data binding for browser history

Reagent: Minimalistic React for ClojureScript

Pixel art editor built on Clojurescript + Om


Generative Testing – Pivotal Tracker

How to Build Stuff with Om | Ronin Hacker

Combining Clojure and ClojureScript Libraries | 8th Light

Welcoming Rich Hickey to the Staples Innovation Lab | s-expressions

Hello ClojureScript Compiler

An Om-powered HTML slide-deck, by Malcolm Sparks

A ClojureScript wrapper for RxJS

Clojure(Script) + core.async + WebSockets/Ajax

Reagent 0.4.0: All arguments allowed

A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js

Lucuma – A Web Components library for ClojureScript

A client-side router for ClojureScript

Live coding with Clojure and Emacs ?

A snake game written in clojurescript and canvas

A clojurescript canvas snake game

ClojureScript Analysis & Compilation–compilation/

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 15, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (5)

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Getting Pushy: Pushing Data from Server to Browser

Cloact: Minimalistic React for ClojureScript

ClojureScript interface to Facebook’s React

The Technology Behind the Redesign –

TimesOpen: Web Performance at the New York Times – YouTube

The Light Table IDE

Chris Granger – Light Table is open source

A lein plugin to start a Ring server via configuration in Nomad

Daniel Szmulewicz’s homepage ?

The Future of JavaScript MVC Frameworks
Clojure at server side and client side, web development

Results of the 2013 State of Clojure & ClojureScript survey

Everything I Have Learned I Have Learned From Someone Else

ClojureScript 101

Ritz, The Missing Clojure Tooling

Introduction to Light Table – YouTube

The Essence of ClojureScript

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January 14, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (4)

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More (historical) links about ClojureScript. Updated links at end.

ClojureScript Core.Async Dots Game



A Shorter Path from Clojure to ClojureScript

ClojureScript Source Maps

cemerick/austin · GitHub
The ClojureScript browser-REPL rebuilt stronger, faster, easier.

FRP in ClojureScript with Javelin

David Nolen: ClojureScript: Lisp’s Revenge on Vimeo


Functional Programming Is A Scam!

Language Extensions for Clojurescript

Clojure Cup 2013

tailrecursion/javelin · GitHub
Spreadsheet-like dataflow programming in ClojureScript.

Introducing Javelin: an FRP library for ClojureScript – tailrecursion

clojure/core.logic · GitHub
A logic programming library for Clojure & ClojureScript

ibdknox/ChromaShift · GitHub

ibdknox/gambit · GitHub
An entity-component-system framework for building games in ClojureScript

xavi/noir-auth-app · GitHub
A complete authentication web app based on Clojure/ClojureScript, Compojure, lib-noir, Enlive and MongoDB.

Chris Granger – A new Light Table experience

bodil/dogfort · GitHub
An experimental web server framework for ClojureScript on Node.js

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 13, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (3)

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More (historical) links about ClojureScript. Updated links at end.

Visual Interfaces in ClojureScript

The Magic of Macros: Lighting-Fast Templating in ClojureScript — Prismatic Blog

Is contributing to clojurescript is intentionally made hard ? – Clojure | Google Groups

Bringing functional to the frontend: Clojure + ClojureScript for the web — Prismatic Blog

Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn: The Once And Future Visual Programming Environment | TechCrunch

Skills Matter : In The Brain of Bodil Stokke, ClojureScript

Treklet: The Social Browsing Bookmarklet – Treklet: The Social Browsing Bookmarklet

kanaka/clojurescript · GitHub

Chris Granger – Anatomy of a knockout

modern-cljs/doc/ at master · magomimmo/modern-cljs

ClojureScript – Better Semantics at Low Low Prices!


Writing CouchDB Views using ClojureScript | cemerick

Clojurescript Tetris

bonega/tetris at clojurescript

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 11, 2016

Artificial Intelligence: Links And Resources (19)

Filed under: Artificial Intelligence, Links — ajlopez @ 8:35 am

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Accelerate the development of cognitive computing in your IoT app

Artificial Intelligence Finally Entered Our Everyday World | WIRED

What happened in 2015

Why 2015 Was a Breakthrough Year in Artificial Intelligence – Bloomberg Business

10 Most Popular Deep Learning Libraries Started in 2015

50 Useful Machine Learning & Prediction APIs

BBC Uses Artificial Intelligence to Track Down New Audiences for ‘Sherlock’ | Re/code

Google Releases TensorFlow, Open Source Machine Learning AI System | Re/code

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Banks Beat Back Tech Firms | Bank Think

Beyond Elon Musk, artificial intelligence startups are having a moment

IoT growth, artificial intelligence, and more news for IT pros | The Enterprisers Project

QuAIL Quantum Computer

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Angel “Java” Lopez

January 7, 2016

ClojureScript: Links And Resources (2)

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More (historical) links about ClojureScript. Updated links at end.

ClojureScript Anatomy

ClojureScriptOne • TodoMVC

Blog | Rich Hickey – Podcast Episode 014 | Relevance

Reactive Programming for Clojure(Script) UIs – Google Groups!topic/clojure-dev/LzVu4dIvOrg/discussion

Chris Granger – Light Table Playground Levels Up

ClojureScript’s persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript

michaelsbradleyjr/node-clojurescript · GitHub
Seamless integration between NodeJS and ClojureScript

fogus: The ClojureScript Compilation Pipeline

Himera Synonym
Translations from JavaScript

Light Table by Chris Granger — Kickstarter

A clojurescript version of bret victor’s editable game

InfoQ: Rich Hickey on Clojure 1.4’s Extensible Reader, ClojureScript

fogus: Compiling Clojure to JavaScript, pt. 3 – The Himera Model

cljs-template with Clojure/ClojureScript REPLs from Emacs – Spyfoos’ Speculations

Clojure to Scheme to C to the bare metal


Connect With Your Creation Through a Real-Time Editor | Webmonkey |

Overtone and ClojureScript

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-08 | Hello, ClojureScript!

InfoQ: One () to Rule them All

Clojure/core — Introducing ClojureScript One

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