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May 30, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (13)

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Remembering Apple’s "1984" Super Bowl ad – O Say Can You See?

Starting January 24, 2014

The Mac Turns 30

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Scala Programming Language

Rasmus Lerdorf: A look at PHP 5.4 and 5.5 – YouTube – Open Source HyperCard-related stuff

25 years of HyperCard—the missing link to the Web | Ars Technica

Origins of Common UI Symbols

Screen shots of computer code: Photo

When Apple drops the ball: the gear that flopped | News | TechRadar


Alan Turing, Enigma Code-Breaker and Computer Pioneer, Wins Royal Pardon –

launch – Wikipedia’s forgotten founder Larry Sanger


PHP Manual Masterpieces

ComputerHistory – YouTube

Oral History of Adele Goldberg – YouTube


blog dds: 2013.12.11 – The Birth of Standard Error

Grace Hopper: Google doodle for creator of Cobol computer language – Mirror Online

Fast and Dynamic

DEFCON 19 (2011) – The History and Evolution of Computer Viruses – YouTube

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May 22, 2015

Git: Links, News And Resources (8)

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Learn Git Branching

node_modules in git


Git Tutorials and Training | Atlassian

Code Review Like You Mean It

A Git client with editing for the iPad and iPhone

Conversational Git – Conversational Git

Tim Caswell on the development of JS-Git | the pluralsight blog

HTML Slidy (1)

HTML Slidy (1)

everything I know about git

git concepts simplified

GitList – An elegant and modern git repository viewer

Git: Combine and Organize Messy Commits Using Interactive Rebase – CodeProject

Feature Branch Workflow | Atlassian Git Tutorial!workflow-feature-branch

Git is good for devs, but here are 5 tips on making the transition — Tech News and Analysis

How to fetch all git branches – Stack Overflow

Can "git pull –all" update all my local branches? – Stack Overflow

Effective pull requests and other good practices for teams using github | commandlinefu, git | by David Winterbottom

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May 20, 2015

Git: Links, News And Resources (7)

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Trucos git – YouTube

git – la guía sencilla

Useful GitHub patterns | Quick People Blog

Create a new branch with git and manage branches · Kunena/Kunena-Forum Wiki

Git – Rebasing

Practical Git for Smalltalk

Understanding the Git Workflow

Kernel development // Speaker Deck

blog dds: 2013.06.19 – How to Create Your Own Git Server

creationix/js-git · GitHub
A JavaScript implementation of Git

Microsoft embraces open-source Git for development tools – Network World

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May 15, 2015

Git: Links, News And Resources (6)

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Put your new coding skills to work building a better world | Skillcrush

Git Reference

Version Control: Git vs SVN

Resources For Learning Git

Why your company shouldn’t use Git submodules | Coding Killed the Cat

When to do git merging or rebasing « Senko’s Blog


Aprende GIT | Información y experiencias sobre el uso de git

Consejos y trucos en Git | Jesús L.C.

7 Version Control Systems Reviewed | Smashing Magazine

Diff Before Commit: A Best Practice | Sebastian Durandeu

Git – Submodules

Git – Flujos de trabajo distribuidos

JS Git by Tim Caswell — Kickstarter

Implementing a Git HTTP Server – The Imaginary Road

Git merge vs. rebase

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May 14, 2015

Git: Links, News And Resources (5)

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git svn – What is the format of an authors file for git svn, specifically for special characters like backslash or underscore? – Stack Overflow

Twig: Your personal Git branch assistant.

Git support for Visual Studio – Git, TFS, and VS put into Context – Scott Hanselman

[#GIT] HowTo: Empezar con #Git « El Bruno

Introducing Prose: A Content Editor for GitHub | Development Seed

GitHub will hit 5 million users within a year – Donnie Berkholz’s Story of Data


Dealing with line endings · github:help

Mind the End of Your Line « Tim’s Blog

How to: Delete a remote Git tag – Nathan Hoad

Fork A Repo · github:help

Understanding Git Conceptually

node_modules in git

Managing Node.js Dependencies with Shrinkwrap

Yammer Engineering – Managing Node.js Dependencies and Deployments at Yammer

.NET Rocks!

pbella/Cuis-Ports · GitHub

Eclipse Says Goodbye to CVS « Life at Eclipse

Gangnam Ons S4 Recording on 2012-11-07 1410-Vimeo1 +6db on Vimeo

Game Off Deadline Extended · GitHub Blog

10 things I hate about Git « Steve Bennett blogs

Building the Smalltalk VM from scratch using Git and CMakeVMMaker « Mariano Martinez Peck

Tag: gtotw – AlBlue’s Blog

How to use git to download a particular tag? – Stack Overflow

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May 13, 2015

Laravel: Links And Resources (2)

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Comandos artesanales by Ale Mohamad

The Languages And Frameworks That You Should Learn In 2015 | wwwDesigned

Rebuilding Laravel at Medium

Managing Databases with Migrations – Laravel Book

Laravel & Repository Pattern

Laravel Schema Designer

Laravel & Repository Pattern

Rebuilding Laravel — Laravel 4 Tutorials — Medium

Laracasts | Server Management With Forge

Laravel – The PHP Framework For Web Artisans.

LaravelBA – YouTube

Laravel (framework) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Laravel 4 by Pablo Chiappetti



Laravel Bundles



Adding CSS to Laravel pages – Pikemere Web Services

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May 11, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (12)

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Alan Turing: The Enigma – A Book Review | Pointers Gone Wild

Google celebra a Grace Hopper en nuevo doodle – FayerWayer

Perl is Free Software’s COBOL, and That’s Ok! – Bradley M. Kuhn ( Brad ) ( bkuhn )

Happy 18th Birthday JavaScript! A look at an unlikely past and bright future.

Computer History Museum | @CHM : Apple II DOS source code

Smalltalks 2007 to 2012 History – YouTube


Martín Salías – Arquitexturas: Un recorrido por la industria del software

8 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Twitter’s Chaotic Creation Story

The Roots of Lisp

Tail Recursion Elimination

Computing Power Used to Be Measured in ‘Kilo-Girls’ – Megan Garber – The Atlantic

Python Packaging User Guide — Python Packaging User Guide documentation

Incremental Plans to Improve Python Packaging — Nick Coghlan’s Python Notes 1.0 documentation

A history of Python packaging | Secret Weblog

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May 7, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (11)

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Turbo Pascal Compiler

Coding Horror: You Don’t Need Millions of Dollars

The History of Packets

A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

Report: Top Microsoft Investors Lobbying for Bill Gates’ Resignation

The Memo That Spawned Microsoft Research

Alan Turing 101: A Lesson On The Father Of Computer Science – ReadWrite

‘Free Unix!': The world-changing proclamation made 30 years ago today

Discipline in Thought – Part 1 of 3 – YouTube

The weight of code | The Endeavour

A Brief History of Lisp Machines

Multifile III – a set on Flickr

A Coder Interview With Mike Meinz – CodeProject

How did Bill Gates choose the name Microsoft? – Quora

The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It | Wired Opinion |

DSpace@MIT: Viewing Control Structures as Patterns of Passing Messages

Dennis Ritchie: The geek Prometheus –

Dawn of a revolution | Harvard Gazette

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April 29, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (10)

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The Web: a generation old, a link unexpected – GeekWire

A Visual History Of The Last 20 Years Of Open Source Code – ReadWrite

Hackers: de piratas de la Red a activistas de la democracia – 15.09.2013 –

A Hacker’s Life // Speaker Deck

Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2013 |

Faith, Evolution, and Programming Languages – YouTube

La NSA llama a Steve Jobs “Gran Hermano” y a los clientes de Apple, “zombis”

Bjarne Stroustrup – The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14 | GoingNative 2013 | Channel 9

Self: The Movie; – YouTube

John Sculley spills the beans on firing Steve Jobs | Apple – CNET News

Let it crash • Where Akka Came From

Node’s Unicode Dragon


An Oral History Of Apple Design: 1992 | Co.Design | business + design


The Evolution of the Web

E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The Humble Programmer (EWD 340)

Women in computing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of the punch card – Reference from

From punchcards to Siri: The history (and future) of input devices – Slideshow | ExtremeTech

What Computers Still Can’t Do: A Critique of Artificial Reason: Hubert L. Dreyfus: 9780262540674: Books

Classification of the principal programming paradigms

Linus’s Famous Email |

Deleting Ada Lovelace from the history of computing | The Ada Initiative

References for “The Future of Programming”

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April 27, 2015

Computer History: Links And Resources (9)

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Doug Engelbart and the vision thing: Is Silicon Valley suffering from a failure of imagination? — Tech News and Analysis

A few words on Doug Engelbart

Computer Visionary Who Invented the Mouse –

Douglas Engelbart, Developer of the Early Computer Mouse, Dead at 88

Douglas Engelbart : The Mother of All Demos (1/9) – YouTube

Doug Engelbart, American inventor and computing legend, has passed away — Tech News and Analysis

Douglas Engelbart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Programming on Early Microcomputers: A Retrospective

PC History

Tektronix Smalltalk Document Archive

A short history of structured flowcharts

WordPress › Ten Good Years

id-Software (id Software)

Your Code May Work, But It Still Might Suck

Infographic: The History of Programming Languages

The One-Person Product –

Trygve 1975

La primera web de la historia cumple 20 años

BCPL – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


39 Unforgettable Moments in Tech Startup History


Tech Time Warp of the Week: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet, 1974 | Wired Enterprise |

Vim After 11 Years – Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest

A visual history of Linux – InfoWorld

Really Simple Social Syndication | Boris Smus

The history of Hadoop: From 4 nodes to the future of data — Tech News and Analysis

The 1952 Paper Chess Computer of Alan Turing

Remembering COM — The Endeavour

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