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Blockchain: Links And Resources (463)

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Trust Machine – Official Trailer

Money On Chain launched a stablecoin backed with bitcoin in the RSK testnet

On-Chain Non-Interactive Data Availability Proofs

The Quantum Attack on Bitcoin

Blockchain Interoperability: Cosmos vs. Polkadot

exeDAO: Secure Arbitrary Execution on Ethereum Smart Contracts

Zero-knowledge proofs, a board game, and leaky abstractions: how I learned zk-SNARKs from scratch

The State of the Ethereum Network

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (462)

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Setting up an Ethereum node

Exploring Cross Chain Asset Technologies: CATA, CDEX, and CDAT

Rootstock (RSK) Deep Dive: Enabling a New Degree of Functionality to Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Speaking of Equihash

A Visual Way to Understand the Pros and Cons of a Decentralized Exchange

RSK Increased Its Merged Mining Rewards; Bitcoin Miners to Gain More?

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #68

RIF BTC in Liquid

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (461)

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A Specialized Team on Algorand Technology

Algo Capital Security Breach

Lexon Editor

Threshold Schnorr Signatures

A Guide to Post Quantum Cryptography

Former Bitcoin Core Developer Jeff Garzik: ‘The Stablecoin is Here to Stay’–bitcoin/#73669a9a7f95

Introducing EOSIO 2

Geth Installation Instructions for Ubuntu

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (460)

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TokenSets Crypto Management

Synchrony, Asynchrony and Partial synchrony

McAfeeDEX A decentralized exchange running on the Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum Speed Up Transactions: How They Work and What They Mean For Dapps

Week in Ethereum News, October 5, 2019

Better Solidity debugging: stack traces are finally here

White hat hacker challenge @ DEVCON5 – but with a twist
Join us for the Building on top of Golem with gWasm and Unlimited workshop

Algo Capital Loses Crypto Funds After CTO’s Phone Is Hacked

Angel “Java” Lopez

Blockchain: Links And Resources (459)

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PING and REJECT: The Impact of Side-Channels on Zcash Privacy

Introducing Hyperledger Avalon

DyDx open trading platform for crypto assets

How to Validate Bitcoin Payments in Ethereum (for only 700k gas!)

Utilities for Bitcoin SPV proof verification on other chains

Stolen ENS names

How we’re resolving the issues with the ENS short-name auctions

Compound Protocol

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (458)

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Bitcoin in Argentina is on the up – RSK Network purchases Taringa

Decentralized synthetic assets

EVM Istanbul storage pricing

The Smart Contract Stack

Isolated and Cross Margin

Pantera Leads $5 Million Round for Decentralized Derivatives Market

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #66

SoK: Communication Across Distributed Ledgers

Angel “Java” Lopez


Blockchain: Links And Resources (457)

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Intro to Beam Sync

Probability of secure hash collisions

Bomba en el mundo tech: venden Taringa!, te contamos qué empresa se hará cargo de la red social

A quarter of Ethereum nodes run on Amazon Web Services

Fast Ethereum Virtual Machine implementation

EVMC – Ethereum Client-VM Connector API

Second State: Develop for Ethereum Classic
Use the BUIDL IDE to create and deploy applications on the Ethereum Classic blockchain

Core Scientific CTO Steps Down To Push Through Ethereum ProgPOW

Angel “Java” Lopez