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New Month’s Resolutions: November 2019

Before writing down new month’s resolutions, review of the previous month’s ones:

– Continue RLie [complete] see repo
– Continue Erlie [pending]
– Continue Walang [pending]
– Continue SimpleNeuron [pending]
– Continue SimpleTalk [pending]
– Continue BlockchainJ [complete] see repo
– Give a talk about Blockchain and Smart Contracts [complete] see slides
– Continue evmcompiler [pending]
– Continue selang [complete] see repo
– Continue solcom [complete] see repo
– Continue EthRlp [pending]
– Continue EthMeta [pending]
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves [complete]
– Continue Learning Rust [pending]
– Continue Learning Golang [pending]
– Continue EthSwap [pending]
– Continue RskAPI [complete] see repo

Also, I was working on:

– Improve yasold [complete] see repo
– Give a talk about Ethereum Virtual Machine [complete] see repo
– Give a talk about Inside Solidity [complete] see repo
– Started beljs [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Continue RLie
– Continue Erlie
– Continue BelJS
– Continue Walang
– Continue BlockchainJ
– Give a talk about Blockchain and Smart Contracts
– Continue evmcompiler
– Continue selang
– Continue solcom
– Continue EthRlp
– Continue EthMeta
– Continue Learning Elliptic Curves
– Continue Learning Rust
– Continue Learning Golang
– Continue EthSwap
– Continue RskAPI

Angel “Java” Lopez


Clojure: Links, News And Resources (52)

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Priyatam Mudivarti – Responsive Grid with Garden CLJS – YouTube

Using Clojure Neo4j to build a meetup recommendation engine | SkillsCast | 2nd February 2016

Fun Code: Quil, Clojure, and WORA

Introduction to yada

Clojure and RESTful Web Services

Introduction to ClojureScript: Reagent and Re-frame

State of Clojure 2015 Survey Results \u2014 Cognitect Blog

Lesser known Clojure: variants of threading macro \u2013 Rafal Spacjer blog

jimpil/fudje: Unit testing library for Clojure

aysylu/loom \u00b7 GitHub

Architecture Datomic

Confreaks TV | Full-stack FP in Datomic, Clojure, and ClojureScript – LambdaConf 2015

Videos – Datomic

ClojureScript Year In Review

Clojure Cup 2015

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (51)

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FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript Macro-Functions

F# vs Clojure: new paradigms for old platforms

Learning Clojure – Part 1 – Jamal Hansen

Factual | Clojure and Clojurians at Factual

We released the basis for our clojure microservices |

Clojure in the Enterprise? \u2014 An Architect’s View


Clojure Mindsets

How to Name Clojure Functions \u2013 Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

Clojure Do\u2019s: Namespace Aliases \u2013 Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

Clojure – Fascinated, Disappointed, Astonished | Craftsmanship Archives

Condition Systems in an Exceptional Language – Chris Houser – YouTube

Generative Art\/Design for 3-D Printing and Virtual Reality

Architecture Overview | Datomic

Clojure 2015 Year in Review \u2013 Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

The ClojureScript Compiler – A Look Behind the Curtains – Maria Geller – YouTube

ClojureScript 17 – Building a Coils App – YouTube

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (50)

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Functional Geekery Episode 40 – David Nolen


lein-template 0.1.3 – Clojars

Parens of the Dead

ClojureScript: Lisp’s Revenge • David Nolen – YouTube ClojureScript: how to begin

Clojurescript Made Easy

A simple Clojurescript app – Adam Bard and his magical blog

The Case for React.js and ClojureScript

ClojureScript Builds, Rebooted | Adzerk Ad Serving API

Isomorphic JavaScript (with ClojureScript) for pre-rendering single-page-applications, part 1 – Carousel Apps

LAZY LAMBDA: Replicator: Bootstrapped ClojureScript REPL for Android

FikesFarm Blog: ClojureScript on Android

Interactive Programming in ClojureScript

LispCast Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om

An Introduction to ClojureScript

Clojure is a product design tool. | Precursor

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (49)

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ClojureScript Blues

ClojureScript React Native


What is a Macro? | SkillsCast | 3rd December 2015

RuPy 13: (Keynote) Clojure in 10 big ideas / Stu Halloway – YouTube

SOLID Principles in Clojure | LispCast

A Workflow: TDD, RDD and DDD

Introduction to Monads – Adam Smyczek – YouTube

The Clojure learning curve | Numergent

An Opinionated Review of Clojure Applied | Digital Digressions by Stuart Sierra

The S in REST

An answer to CircleCI’s “Why we’re no longer using Core.typed” « The Holy Java

Clojure and Kinesis at scale – Joseph Wilk

One Ring to Bind Them – Mark McGranaghan – YouTube

Clojure Gazette

Luminus – A Clojure Web Framework

ClojureScript Koans

thegeez blog – Racket Gin Rummy in ClojureScript

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (48)

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Parens of the Dead

ClojureScript Next




A blog

Using JavaScript libraries in ClojureScript.

Bootstrapped ClojureScript FAQ · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Deploy a Clojure application in Under 1 Minute

Control Room: Ramping Up

Real Estate Clojure – Jon Pither – YouTube

An Introduction to Clojure and ClojureScript

Anthony Marcar – Clojure At Scale @WalmartLabs

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (47)

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Sean Johnson – Pattern Matching in Clojure – YouTube




Jordan Biserkov – blog :: EuroClojure 2015

Functional Programming for the Object Oriented Programmer | 8th Light

Clojure Concurrency – Pluralsight Training

Generative Testing: Properties, State and Beyond – Jan Stepien – YouTube



ClojureCL – a Clojure library for parallel computations with OpenCL 2.0 (GPGPU).

jdeisenberg/etudes-for-clojurescript · GitHub



cljsinfo/api-refs at catalog


Functional Composition – Chris Ford – YouTube



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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (46)

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ClojureScript livereload Statecharts – YouTube

mustache 1.1.0-0 – Clojars




Running figwheel in a Cursive Clojure REPL · bhauman/lein-figwheel Wiki

Clojure from the ground up

Blackjack in ClojureScript

Blackjack in ClojureScript—How It Was Written

CLJSJS – Use Javascript Libraries in Clojurescript With Ease — Martin Klepsch

Building a System in… by Matthias Nehlsen [PDF/iPad/Kindle]

ClojureScript Cheatsheet

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (45)

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(Nearly) Getting Started with ClojureScript – O! Mr Speaker!

C2: Clojure(Script) data visualization


Clojure in a Bank | SkillsCast | 7th April 2015

Exploring the Clojurescript REPL – Alex Eberts

Playing Go with Clojure – Zach Tellman – YouTube

Frameworkless Web Development in Clojure by Andreas ‘Kungi’ Klein – YouTube

Garajeando: Kata: Mars Rover in Clojure using multimethods

Zach Tellman – Always Be Composing – YouTube


Rails Conf 2012 Keynote: Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey – YouTube



Yeller – Clojure Miniprofiler: A simple, but effective profiler for Clojure web apps


Javascript Libraries packaged for Clojurescript


Firebase and Clojure(Script) Part Two – Adding Facebook Authentication in 3 Easy Steps – 221B Labs

(175) Why are IT systems in big enterprises usually built using Java, instead of Python or JavaScript? – Quora

Quick Start · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Clojure Open-Source Code Metrics

Reducible sequence generators – Inside Clojure

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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (44)

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Writing a Kafka Producer and High Level Consumer in Clojure

Archaeologist — an open-source Clojure library — Beanstalk

Reflections on Clojure Conj 2014 | Cool Pacific

Why Clojure?

Compiler Options · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Neanderthal – Fast Native Matrix and Linear Algebra in Clojure


Rationale · clojure/clojurescript Wiki

Life with Dynamic Typing

Commonlisp vs Clojure – Side by side comparison | TechWars

Sparkling, A Clojure API for Apache Spark

Featured meetup: Clojure Vienna – sektor5

Neural Networks in Clojure with core.matrix – Squid’s Blog

Rust for Clojurists

(156) Payments: Why did Braintree use Clojure? – Quora

Functional Programming should be your #1 priority for 2015 — Medium

Master Concurrent Processes with core.async | Clojure for the Brave and True

Differences from Clojure · clojure/clojurescript Wiki


WAYFINDING | Clojure: Koan to Kata

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