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MySQL Tools for Visual Studio 1.0.2 GA released!

According to the link:,131421,131421#msg-131421

Today we have released MySQL Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.0.2 GA –a downloadable plug-in for Visual Studio 2005 that allows Windows developers to quickly build MySQL data-driven applications with Visual Studio. With this plug-in, developers will be able to create, modify and manage MySQL database objects with an easy-to-use interface from within the Visual Studio IDE. This product is delivered as a package compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and delivers the following features:
– DDEX (Data Designer Extensibility) compatibility
– Ability to work with MySQL objects (tables, views, stored procedures, etc)
from within Server Explorer
– Support for MySQL versions 4.1 and higher
This product will only work correctly with Connector/Net 5.0.2 and higher.
This release does not include the ability to work with the DataSet designer but we will be making a beta of 1.1 available shortly that will include this functionality. MySQL Tools for Visual Studio binaries are currently available under a no-charge license. We plan to release the source code and are currently determining what license the source code will be placed under. The plug-in can be downloaded from [].